ChatterLog June 2012


Greetings everyone, and welcome to the June bulletin and to our “dual” sign of Gemini. This time last year there was no June bulletin because I had put my back out and was in so much pain, I couldn’t even sit at the computer or write! So without wasting any time or words, I’ll get right to it – this month’s theme is Communication. Remember that our first sign of Aries gave us Life, Taurus uncovered our Senses, and now Gemini exposes us to the Mind and Intellectual Thought. Simply put, Gemini is the sign that “thinks” (constantly!). Remember that our first two signs were represented by members of the animal kingdom (the ram and the bull) but now we are introduced to our first human being, or should I say “human beings?” You’ll see in the illustration we have the two twins, the symbol for Gemini. Notice that one of them is holding a lyre – why’s that, you may ask? Because the planet Mercury rules Gemini and it was Mercury (or Hermes for the Greeks) who invented the original “lyre.” In the olden days, before we had computers, telephones or the Internet, messages and stories were passed down through song and story-telling. And, if you think about it, simply look at the word “History” and we can see how it can broken down to read “his story.” So it was “his story” than gave all of us our “history.” And just as Gemini is the sign that records our history, our sign for next month will be Cancer, and is the sign that loves to go back into the past and learn about all of that history!

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ChatterArtist June 2012

Ian Bradshaw

So this month naturally we are featuring a Gemini photographer, my old pal Ian Bradshaw, born June 8th, which also happens to be the same birthday as Joan Rivers and my assistant Chelsea, how ironic is that? And not only does Ian’s personality fit the Gemini bill, it is also fascinating to see how perfectly suited he is to his chosen profession as well as this month’s theme of communication, because for Ian, it is all about communication, and it is good communication that helps him to get the best shot, or at least that’s what he told me!

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ChatterTip of the Month June 2012

Tips for Healthy Lungs

From Aries and the head, followed by Taurus and the neck, we continue to move down the body and now with Gemini we are talking about the Lungs (notice there are two of them!) and the Respiratory System. Gemini is our first Air sign, and without Air, we cannot breathe, and without breath, we have no life, therefore, the Lungs are very important organs. There are many different ailments and illnesses associated with our Respiratory System, ranging from a simple cold to pneumonia, perhaps too many to mention this time around. Gemini’s color is Yellow and notice how many of the recommended herbs are also Yellow in color? Several of these can be used to treat one or more of Gemini’s ailments, and many of them will be found as ingredients in Gemini’s favorite dishes, so here are a few of them:

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