ChatterLog January 2011


Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

Greetings everyone and welcome to the year 2011! It is interesting to contemplate that we have not only begun a new calendar year, but also a new decade. As we get older, we find ourselves talking about our life in decades, such as comparing our current economic crisis to the “great depression” of the 20’s & 30’s, or growing up in the “swinging” 60’s, and so on… But when we now refer back to this last decade, and the first one of the 21st century, it just doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue quite so easily. So how were the “10’s” for you? Sounds weird, right? Well, weird or not, here we are in the year 2011 and what it has already given me is the rare opportunity to send out our 1st bulletin of the decade on 1-11-11 – not too many chances for that, now are there, so we consider it to be a very good omen! Can’t wait for November!

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ChatterArtists January 2011

Continuing on with this month’s theme and in respect for our “elders” I am featuring photographers with images of seniors. This may not always be the primary focus of their photography, but it is a joy to see such beautiful portraits, regardless of the subject’s age. Each one tells a beautiful story. I emailed a number of photographers asking them specifically for images of older people, and I had some wonderful responses. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit them all in this time around, but thank you all for sending them. And another interesting note is that none of the photographers we are featuring this month have been in the bulletin before, so that’s cool.

Shannon Fagan

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