Who Is Chatterbox Enterprises And What Do They Do?

Louisa J. Curtis is a Creative Consultant, Writer and Presenter based in New York City. She has worked in the photography industry for many years, and formed her own company Chatterbox Enterprises in 2005. 

CONSULTINGChatterbox Enterprises offers photographers and artists a variety of creative consulting services. These include image review, portfolio editing, website feedback and image selection, as well as promotional suggestions and customized marketing plans designed to help refine your vision and target the appropriate audience.

Louisa believes she can help any photographer, in pretty much any genre, at any stage of their career – help them make sense of their work, see where their strengths are, and where best to direct them. Take a look at the Client Testimonials section to get an idea as to how she works with a variety of clients.

WRITINGOver the years, Louisa has written numerous articles, full of advice and observations on the “business of photography”, as well as featuring and interviewing many photographers for both PhotoServe and Agency Access’ Blog The Lab, but also in  her own very popular newsletter – The Chatterbulletin – much of which is archived on this new website.

PRESENTING – Louisa has also created, produced and presented seminars at multiple industry events and is perhaps best known for assembling and moderating her both informative and entertaining panel discussions with top industry leaders. She has been a long-time supporter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), APA (American Photographic Artists), and ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals) and has presented numerous programs around the country as well as locally in New York City for APA and ASMP, Adorama and Photo Plus ExpoShe has also given educational seminars for photography students at The New School in New York City, UArts in Philadelphia and Seattle Central Community College.


Louisa J. Curtis is also a Notary Public