ChatterCorners – Articles Written For PDN’s PhotoServe

ChatterCorners – Articles Written For PDN’s PhotoServe

All of these articles were written for PDN’s PhotoServe. Most of the photographers were already clients or known to me, a few were not. I enjoyed doing these interviews immensely because I not only got to learn more about them as a photographer and/or artist but also as a person, their likes and dislikes, their dreams and their gratitude for what it is they do. As time went on I started to include more images in each article, to give a more well-rounded “picture” of the person I was writing about.

Paul Aresu – ChatterCorner May 2013

This month my ChatterCorner conversation for PhotoServe is with advertising lifestyle and portrait photographer Paul Aresu. I first met Paul some years ago when I was working at The Black Book and he quickly became one of my favorite clients. It was always a pleasure to go and visit him at his amazing studio space on Spring Street, along with his long-time business partner and in-house rep, Barry Goldring, who has since retired.Amare Stoudemire, NY Knicks © Paul Aresu  And yes, in honor of the Knicks reaching the playoff’s this year, I showed a portrait of a NY Knicks basketball player!

It’s been some years since we’ve caught up, so when I recently ran into him at an APA NY event along with his current agent, the lovely Janice Moses, I asked him if he’d like to do one of my interviews and he was game! Paul is always busy, so I was given a small time slot to go and visit with him at his new studio. I say “new” but the reality is he left Spring Street a while back and has been at this new location on 27thStreet for some time now!

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Rayon Richards – ChatterCorner February 2013

How fitting indeed that my February interview for the PhotoServe Features section should be with an Aquarius! And so it is – as this month my conversation is with Brooklyn-based portrait photographer Rayon Richards, an Aquarius born on February 6th.

Tom Colicchio, Top Chef Judge © Rayon Richards

And how fitting also that Rayon chose photography for his profession – little did he know that Aquarius is connected with the “light” and the “ether” without which there would be no photography! And, the word “ray” is even in his name! We had spoken a while back about doing an interview, but things happen when they’re supposed to – we were obviously meant to do this now….

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Justine Reyes – ChatterCorner July 2012

Some of you may recall Justine Reyes when we featured her in our seniors-themed bulletin back in January 2011. I was very taken by her work and wanted to find out more about her, so she is my latest interview for the Features section on PhotoServe. I specifically chose her “Home, Away From Home” series because it resonated so beautifully with this month and the sign of Cancer, the sign that literally carries its home on its back! Click on this link to read the full article: Justine Reyes July2012

Sand Pebble Motor Lodge, at the Jersey Shore, Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ from the series “Home Away from Home.”
© Justin Reyes

Gordon Watkinson – ChatterCorner May 2012

Last month in the ChatterNews we mentioned my friend and photographer Gordon Watkinson‘s project “Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy” and his current fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter. Well, this month my interview for PhotoServe’s Features section is also with Gordon – so to learn more about the artist and his project and view his cool new website, please click on this link: Gordon Watkinson May2012
© Gordon Watkinson – Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy

Halley Ganges – Go Studios – ChatterCorner March 2012

My latest article for PhotoServe’s Features section is a conversation with my old friend, photographer and owner of Go-Studios, Halley Ganges. Not only did we have the opportunity to catch up when I interviewed him, but I also got to see his wonderful new Penthouse Studio space that he has been building for the past year. To read more about Halley and this beautiful studios, please click on this link: Halley Ganges February2012

Daylight Go-Studios, New York City