Judi Stuffick – ChatterCorner Holiday 2011

My latest article for the Features section on PhotoServe is my conversation with Philadelphia-based emerging photographer Judi Stuffick. About this time last year I was one of judges for the ASMP Philadelphia Annual Photo Contest, and I was particularly taken by Judi’s series of “projected” images, even before I knew the back story behind them. I asked to be introduced to her at the opening earlier this year, and we have stayed in touch since then. I used her recently as an example in one of my articles for The Lab, where I talk about what work stands out for me, and hers certainly did, so read the article, please click on this link: Judi Stuffick November2011

Clothes Line © Judi Stuffick

Chris Buck – ChatterCorner November 2011

Be sure to check out my conversation with Canadian-born photographer Chris Buck, my latest article in PhotoServe’s Features section. The image we used for this article is from his “Isn’t” series, a collection of portraits of celebrity lookalikes, and this particular one is entitled “Paul Cooper isn’t Bill Gates.” And, the interesting part is that the real Bill Gates is a Scorpio, born October 28th, 1955. Doesn’t that tie in nicely with this month’s theme, eh? So check out the article by clicking on this link: Chris Buck October2011

Paul Cooper isn’t Bill Gates © Chris Buck

Keith Barraclough – ChatterCorner October 2011

Be sure to check out my most recent article for PhotoServe’s Features section. This month my conversation is with photographer Keith Barraclough and how he managed to shoot close to 164 dog breeds for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. Check out the article by clicking on this link: Keith Barraclough September2011

Portrait of Black Labrador Retrievers taken for Art Buyer at Discovery
© Keith Barraclough

Monika Merva – ChatterCorner September 2011

Fine art photographer Monika Merva is a Cancer, born on July 2nd, so its no big surprise that her project is entitled “City of Children” – a perfect fit for the Archetypical Mother of the Zodiac! Although her project is about “children” the image used for the cover of her book is of a girl wearing rabbit ears, which also fit beautifully with our September “pets” theme! To read the article for PhotoServe click on this link: Monica Merva July2011

Zsuzsa, one of the featured children in The City of Children, wearing rabbit ears

© Monika Merva