Oaty Sausage Cakes & Granola Bars – ChatterRecipes April 2014

Oaty Sausage Cakes & Granola Bars

Image from Jessica Grajeda’s Blog

Ironically, as I mentioned in the ChatterLog, even though I may not feel as drawn to Horses as one might expect, being born in The Year of the Horse – I do however, love to eat what they eat – Oats! I have always loved anything with Oats – Oat Bars (which in England we call flapjacks, but in America flapjacks are what we call pancakes – go figure), Oatmeal Granary BreadOatcakesOatmeal CrispsOatmeal(as in good old “porridge” oats), Oatmeal CookiesGranolaGranola BarsMuesli, even Oatmeal Soap… bring it all on…

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Spinach Pie – ChatterRecipe January 2014

Spinach Pie

Spinach © Lou Manna

This month’s recipe comes courtesy of one of my favorites Ian Garten in her book The Barefoot Contessa, but she attributes the recipe to her dear friend Brent Newsom of Brent Newsom Caterer in Bridgehampton, NY.  Capricorns like their Spinach, they need the Iron, so this was an easy pick – a delicious Spinach Pie, baked whole and then cut into 6-8 portions, as opposed to the Greek Spanakopita that are made individually.

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Cuban Fried Pork Chunks – ChatterRecipe July 2013

Masitas de Puerco or Cuban Fried Pork Chunks

Masitas de Puerco/Cuban Fried Pork Chunks © Steve Giralt

For this month’s recipe I asked last year’s July ChatterArtist and food photographer Steve Giralt to share both a recipe and an image with us. And the timing was perfect since his brand new and very own First Generation Cuban-American Cookbook will be available from July 15, 2013! And the tasty recipe that Steve shared with us from the book is Masitas de Puerco, or Cuban Fried Pork Chunks, which serves six. Ironically (or not) when I asked Atlanta-based food photographer and another Cancer, Iain Bagwell to do the same thing last July, he too gave us a dish with “pork” as the main ingredient! Coincidence… Or not…

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Strawberry Shortcake – ChatterRecipe June 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake © Elizabeth Cecil

You may recall a couple of years ago, we featured sandwiches, since Gemini likes to “pair” things together, so here (especially for my Gemini friend) is a delicious dessert sandwich, also known as Strawberry Shortcake! Some of you may also remember I mentioned Massachusetts-based food photographer Elizabeth Cecil in last month’s newsletter, in my Palm Springs Photo Festival Report. During one of our conversations, Elizabeth and I somehow got to talking about Strawberry Shortcake (like you do), and I mentioned I was looking for a good recipe, so sure enough, she very kindly me sent this excellent recipe (slightly adapted) from one of her favorite cookbooks by pastry chef Claudia Fleming“The Last Course: The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern.”

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Chili – ChatterRecipe April 2013

Best Chili Recipe – at least, that’s what they say…

Two Bowls of Chili with Sour Cream / © Keller and Keller Photography   STOCKFOOD

According to the website, MomsWhoThink this month’s recipe is the best Chili you’ll ever make! With surprise ingredients like Beer and Unsweetened Cocoa, the blend of flavors and seasonings is apparently quite mouth-watering. And on the Cooking Light website, there are a bunch of top-rated recipes. They also inform us that no self-respecting Texan would ever add Beans to a traditional Chili Con Carne, so this month’s recipe certainly passes that test, but if you do fancy adding in a can of Kidney Beans, I won’t tell Texas, I promise! And besides in many other regions, Chili simply wouldn’t be Chiliwithout adding in some Beans! I tend to agree!

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