ChatterTip of the Month September 2011

Pet Tips
Growing up in English countryside, there were always tons of dogs around and everyone in my family seemed to have a dog, or two, and mostly Labradors or retrievers of some sort. Although I have had dogs too, I am really more of a cat person, so for this month, I asked my sister to write some dog tips for us. The photo is one I took when I was last in Guernsey visiting my Aunt. We were walking her little Jack Russell “Cassie” and ran into a woman who breeds and trains collies and was walking a group of them with a black lab as well. She very methodically arranged and instructed them all into a line for me so I could take their picture!

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Monika Merva – ChatterCorner September 2011

Fine art photographer Monika Merva is a Cancer, born on July 2nd, so its no big surprise that her project is entitled “City of Children” – a perfect fit for the Archetypical Mother of the Zodiac! Although her project is about “children” the image used for the cover of her book is of a girl wearing rabbit ears, which also fit beautifully with our September “pets” theme! To read the article for PhotoServe click on this link: Monica Merva July2011

Zsuzsa, one of the featured children in The City of Children, wearing rabbit ears

© Monika Merva

ChatterArtists September 2011

So naturally with this month’s theme being Pets we are showing you some photographers who shoot animals and pets this month!

Michael Brian
I have never met Michael Brian but I love his work and the extensive library he has built of dog imagery. So much so, it was really difficult to pick just one image for you. When a photographer sticks to a particular niche, the way Michael has, it is inspiring to see the breadth of the work within such a focused subject matter.

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