Aries, Accidents, seeing Red and more… ChatterLog April 2013

Greetings everyone – and welcome to the April or Spring ChatterBulletin and the sign of Aries!

Aries, The Ram

The theme for this month isAccidents, and why is that, you might ask? Well, since Aries is the 1st of our 12 signs of the zodiac, that also makes them the most “primitive” and youthful – they are not exactly what you would call mature or refined, that’s neither their forte nor their job. They are the pioneers, the young cowboys who “shoot first and ask questions later” living a more impulsive kind of a life. And, when we add in the fact that the Ruling Planet of Aries is Mars, the God of War (notice the 1st 3 letters of the 2 words, MAR(s) and WAR, and how the W looks like an inverted M, or the M is an inverted W, whichever way you want) the association with and attraction to Accidents, either intentional or accidental (pun intended!) makes perfect sense. Plus our Planet Mars speeds up time, thus making those Accidents more likely!

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Tips for Anxiety – ChatterTip April 2013

Since we gave you some Tips for Minor Accidents last year for Aries, this time I’m going with some Tips for Dealing with Anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious about something, it is the Planet Mars at work. Just miss that train? Wonder when the next one is coming? Will you make it to your important meeting on time now? Did you remember to bring the right notes or are they still sitting on your desk at home? Mars literally speeds time up, and because of that Anxiety, we become more prone to those Accidents!

Rescue Remedy © Louisa J. Curtis

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Charlie Chaplin & Spike Milligan – ChatterQuote April 2013

Charlie Chaplin

A day without laughter is a day wasted!

Charlie Chaplin c. 1920

The 1st of this month’s quotes comes from the famous British comic actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, or rather Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, an Aries born April 16th, 1889 in London, England, and who died on Christmas day, December 25th, 1977 at the age of 88 in Vevey, Switzerland. Chaplin rose to fame in the “silent movie” era, which seems a bit odd for an Aries, since silence isn’t exactly one of their strong suits! Instead, Charlie Chaplin displayed the pioneering spirit of an Aries, just look at the path he carved out in the film industry for all those to follow after him? That’s what an Aries does – they inspire everyone around them, and then move on to the next project, often leaving others to complete what they have started! They are very passionate people.

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Chili – ChatterRecipe April 2013

Best Chili Recipe – at least, that’s what they say…

Two Bowls of Chili with Sour Cream © StockFood / Keller and Keller Photography

According to the website, MomsWhoThink this month’s recipe is the best Chili you’ll ever make! With surprise ingredients like Beer and Unsweetened Cocoa, the blend of flavors and seasonings is apparently quite mouth-watering. And on the Cooking Light website, there are a bunch of top-rated recipes. They also inform us that no self-respecting Texan would ever add Beans to a traditional Chili Con Carne, so this month’s recipe certainly passes that test, but if you do fancy adding in a can of Kidney Beans, I won’t tell Texas, I promise! And besides in many other regions, Chili simply wouldn’t be Chiliwithout adding in some Beans! I tend to agree!

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AIPAD April 2013

On Friday, April 5th, 2013 I paid my annual visit to the AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers) Photography Show located at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Although it’s a 4-day event, I generally find myself there on the Friday, not only to view the wonderful photography, but also to run into many of my friends and colleagues in the industry. One of the most noticeable changes this year, and perhaps due to the increase in the number of exhibitors, was that the café was no longer located at the back of the exhibition space. Instead, it was in a separate room near the entrance of the building. Although it was better for the exhibitors, who said they could at least disappear there for a quick break without having to continue to talk to people, from my perspective, I missed having the café near all of the booths, as that is where many of us would congregate for a break and run into one another. By having it located outside of the exhibit hall, the event felt a little more serious and less social. The upside is that I was better able to concentrate on the galleries without being so distracted!

Orphan Girl at the Cemetery, after Delacroix, from the Gordian Puzzles 2008 series, Vik Muniz courtesy of Contemporary Works/Vintage Works

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Lori Nix – ChatterArtist April 2013

Our ChatterArtist for this month, Lori Nix, is one of my absolute favorite artists, and was my April ChatterCorner a couple of years ago for PhotoServe. Naturally, Lori is an Aries, born on April 13th, so it’s a perfect opportunity for me to remind you just how talented she is and to show you yet more of her extraordinary work. And to prove the point that there are no coincidences in life, as you will read from this month’s ChatterLog, the sign of Aries is connected with Accidents – and the fact that Lori’s personal email address includes the very word “accidental” in it is surely no accident?

Library, 2007 © Lori Nix

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