ChatterTip of the Month Spring 2009

The Many Uses of Vinegar
Vinegar is one of Mother Nature’s cure-alls and wonderfully versatile – vinegar has many other uses besides making a salad dressing or pickling some onions. One of my mother’s favorites was to use a splash of malt vinegar around the sink to give it an extra clean and sparkle – we learned that trick from the housemaids when we were on holiday in Portugal. Vinegar is a fantastic household cleaner, and when diluted with water does wonders for all sorts of cleaning jobs, including cleaning computer screens, windows and glass!

Vinegar also possesses fantastic medicinal properties and is a natural antiseptic.  After the funeral last month, my sister and I visited with one of our mother’s dearest friends and we found her drinking her regular concoction of apple cider vinegar and honey in hot water to help her arthritis. And if you suffer from a bit of heartburn or acid-reflux disease – drink a little apple cider vinegar instead of taking a pill, and see if that doesn’t help ease the pain.

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