ChatterLog Summer 2009

Greetings everyone and welcome to the Summer Bulletin!

There is something about the summertime that inevitably takes us back to our childhoods- gardens full of flowers, picnics at the beach and memories of eating ice cream, and then laughing hysterically when the dog ate the “fallen cone” that had accidentally dropped to the ground. I grew up playing tennis back in England and having watched Wimbledon for these past two weeks, I fondly recall the many days when my sister and I would recreate that glorious tournament and play our own “finals.” We even had lemon barley water to drink and carried all the rackets we could lay our hands on down to the tennis court, in our arms, just like the pros did. A stepladder was placed at the side of the net for the imaginary umpire!

So how better to celebrate our childhood memories than to feature some clients for you this month who all photograph children. First up is Jade Albert whose unique, whimsical style is evident in all of her imagery, not just the babies! Take a look at her brand new website and impressive list of clients. Next we have Caroline Shepard, whose unique portraits integrate both her photography and photo-illustration skills, but be sure to check out her “Scallywags” section on the website where we found the image we selected. And then we have Debbie Miracolo, whose image is part of an ongoing fine art series of a much-different age group, and that is teens. This photo was also chosen for the cover of the May 2008 issue of Geo Magazine, which was devoted to the subject of puberty.

So enjoy your children, love your parents and have a wonderful Summer everyone!

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