ChatterLog October 2009

Greetings everyone and welcome to the October Chatterbulletin!  This is typically a busy month, especially here in New York in the photo world. And although we may see some recession-sensitive “cutbacks” during Expo week this year, there is still a lot to cover. So make sure you scroll all the way down to see everything that is going on. I decided to make this month’s theme “success.” 


So why talk about success? What does success mean exactly? Success will mean different things for different people. In the money-driven world we live in today success is largely judged as financial. But for a photographer, success could mean finally finishing up that new website, or winning an award in a national contest, or maybe you just secured a big ad campaign? Perhaps you just licensed your first stock image or participated in a fine art gallery show. Whatever your definition of success may be and wherever you are in your career – there is a common thread that binds all of these success stories together. That thread is made from a positive attitude, hard work and commitment and this month’s clients all reflect these attributes in some way or another.

The dictionary definition of the word success is “outcome” or “result” – we may not always reach the outcome we desire, but if we do not put our best efforts forward, then success is going to be even harder or perhaps impossible to attain. These are all photographers who have stayed the course, and found a way to continue expressing their photographic passion, even when the going was tough. All of them have spent the time and money required to market them selves consistently so that they have seen tangible results and their efforts rewarded. It is also interesting to note that these are all photographers who have stayed in touch with me and continued to ask for help, if and when they needed it. It is important to remember that you do not have to, nor can you, do it all by yourself. So remember to ask for help.

First up is Chris Crisman, whose “rocket boy” image is featured on this year’s cover of the Photo Plus Expo Seminar Program. Chris’ business continues to grow steadily and his assignments have evolved from music and editorial to also include major advertising assignments as well. Next we have Stephen Flint, who like Chris, is starting to see the “fruits of his marketing labors” after revamping his website and promoting regularly to his targeted mailing lists. And then we have Michelle Kawka, who has been continuing to grow ever since we met. She started by working for the local newspaper and has built her image library while developing her craft. Her recent success story was receiving placement in the ASMP Annual Best of Issue for her project “Portrait of Queens, NY.”

It is stories like these, no matter how big or small, that are rewarding and have me gushing like a proud parent. I feel good in the knowledge that I have helped them on their journey somehow. And most of all, it is a testament to their having a good mind-set, with an ongoing determination and strong work ethic. Speaking of which, I really must get to that filing…

Speaking of Success, Congrats to one of my newer clients, Lauren Grabelle!
The American Kennel Club (AKC) has featured her on the cover of it’s latest publication and has included a six page article on her and professional dog photography.

To view more of Lauren’s work please visit:
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