Structure, Architectural and Interiors – ChatterArtist January 2010

Andrew Buchanan
I was in Seattle back in November of 2009 and following my panel event I met with some new clients, three of whom were all architectural shooters. So we are featuring them, as well as a couple more of my existing clients that shoot buildings, both inside and out. First up is Andrew Buchanan, “photographing the spaces where we live, work, and play.”

Otto Greule

Then we have Otto Greule, whose passion for ancient and classical architecture melds with his images of new and modern structures.

Juliann Tallino

And don’t think that all Architectural shooters are men, because Juliann Tallino can climb up those skyscrapers with the best of them!

Jim Tetro

I thought it would be nice to feature not only photographers who shoot the structures, the buildings, but also ones who photograph their contents, starting with Jim Tetro, a client from the Washington, D.C. area.

Michael Grimm

Followed by Michael Grimm, who photographs interiors and resort lifestyle.

George Ross

George Ross is another client who also photographs interiors and has a wonderful ability to enrich and enhance the “details.”

Lee Brauer

And last but not least we have Lee Brauer, based in Richmond, VA, “photographer of humongous man-made objects and the people that make or live in them.” Lee was one of Chatterbox’ very first clients and has one of the best senses of humor!

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