ChatterArtists May 2010

Continuing on with the theme of Possessions it was only natural this month to feature photographers who shoot still life, product and all of those beautiful objects that Taurus loves. However, still life photographers don’t always get to shoot beautiful arrangements of fabulous objects. Sometimes they have the unique challenge of making something quite ordinary and mundane look appealing and inviting.

Tony Cordoza

First up we have Tony Cordoza, a photographer and friend whom I have known for a long time now. Tony was one of my early Chatterbox clients and besides his conceptual still life work, he has spent many years making silver stereos, flat-screen TV’s and other assorted shiny boxes look “sexy”! His lighting and his technique are so fine-tuned – he does little or nothing in PhotoShop afterwards.


© Tony Cordoza

Lisa Adams

From masculine metal we move to feminine softness, and the photography of Lisa Adams. We have never technically met or worked together, but a few years ago, her assistant attended my website panel in Charlotte, NC and Lisa’s website was one of the ones the panel reviewed, and it was beautiful. I have been a big fan of her work ever since and I constantly use her as an excellent example of good branding, as well as good photography.


© Lisa Adams

Robert Quailer

From soft and subtle, we go bold and bright and the photography of Robert Quailer, with whom I consulted a couple of years ago. Besides his commercial studio work, Robert was fortunate enough to capture images of the famous New York eatery, “Tavern on the Green” before they shut their doors for good earlier this year.


© Robert Quailer

Parlee Chambers

Next up is half of “Studio Chambers” and that is photographer Parlee Chambers. Based in Atlanta, Parlee and her husband Don were clients of mine some years ago when I worked at the Black Book and I just love the pair of them. They have years of experience under their belts and a wickedly wonderful sense of humor!


© Parlee Chambers

Brett Wills

I met both of the next two photographers some years ago when I worked for American Showcase and Archive magazine. The first is Brett Wills, a master of still life and beauty, and whom coincidentally the photo agents I used to work for, Watson & Spierman Creative currently represent.


© Brett Wills &

Halley Ganges

As I mentioned before, Taurus loves beautiful things, so my final photographer is master of the “luxury product” and also a dear friend of mine, Halley Ganges. Halley also owns and runs the most beautiful rental studio facility in the heart of the Fashion District, Go-Studios, which has the most fantastic south-facing views and all-natural daylight.


© Halley Ganges &