ChatterLog June 2010

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the June ChatterBulletin! We have traveled from the inspirational “I Am” of April’s Aries, to the possessive “I Have” of May’s Taurus, and now we move into the incessant “I Think” of Gemini in June. And if you know anyone who is a Gemini, it is true – their brains literally have no “off-switch.” They go to sleep thinking and they wake up thinking, and the computer inside of their head is permanently “on.”

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Jason Florio – ChatterCorner June 2010

Be sure to check out my 2nd article for PhotoServe’s Surveillance section. This month we featured photographer, friend & fellow Brit, Jason Florio who last year with his girlfriend and partner Helen Jones, walked around the entire country of The Gambia in West Africa. It’s a great story and a fun read. So click on this link to read the article: Jason Florio May2010

© Jason Florio

To visit Jason’s wife Helen’s blog about their trip please click here!

ChatterArtists June 2010

Continuing on with the theme of “twins” and “pairs” I thought it would be fun this month to feature photographers who work together as a duo. It was interesting just how many couples I do know that work together, some purely as a business partnership, while others are life partners and/or married as well. And to further demonstrate the duality, the mutability and the indecision of Gemini, we are showing 2 image selections per couple this month!

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