ChatterLog June 2010

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the June ChatterBulletin! We have traveled from the inspirational “I Am” of April’s Aries, to the possessive “I Have” of May’s Taurus, and now we move into the incessant “I Think” of Gemini in June. And if you know anyone who is a Gemini, it is true – their brains literally have no “off-switch.” They go to sleep thinking and they wake up thinking, and the computer inside of their head is permanently “on.”

My Moon is in Gemini, so I do have some idea – many of my dearest friends are Gemini and I find my life filled with them. I say them, because, Gemini is a “dual” sign, their symbol is the “twins” and the astrological symbol looks like the Roman numeral for the number “2” – so naturally they also display a dual-sided nature. You can be talking with one side of a Gemini, and then within moments, find yourself speaking with the other half – it can be quite confusing! So from my best friend Virginia, whom I have known since we were 8 years old, to my art teacher friend Carol, whom I have known since college, to my crazy performing friends Susu in California and Jeanne in Las Vegas, and to my photographer friends Tina, Jill, Michelle & Ian, to my assistant Chelsea, my cousin Howard and my brother-in-law Andy… the list goes on – may you all have wonderful birthdays!

Photographer Sarah Small travels each summer to the Twins Days Festival, which takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio (yes, that is the name) the 1st weekend of August.

© Sarah Small

And here is an old photo I found of my father, myself & my 2 twin cousins, Julie & Miranda. When we were younger, the three of us were known collectively as Mu, Lu & Ju!


So my theme for this month is “duos” “pairs” and things that come in “twos.”

But let’s consider this duality for a moment as it takes us back to that basic “Yin Yang” principle (remember the 2 egg remedies for skincare last month?). Therefore one half is just as important as the other, and together they make up the whole. It is interesting to note that the newly elected Conservative Prime Minister in the U.K. David Cameron, immediately approached the Liberal Democrats to form a bi-partisan government with a real goal of “working together” – what a concept, and something that has surely been lacking in government on both sides of the pond? Duality is something that can easily be seen with the sign of Gemini and both the good & bad sides of their personalities. As our 1st Air sign, these people are automatically connected with the mind, intellect & “thought”. On the good side, they are communicators, writers & teachers, who love to share all of the knowledge and facts they have acquired over the years. On the not-so-good side, Gemini’s are tricksters, liars and thieves – literally! Just the other day, my nearest and dearest friend (a Gemini) was telling me a story about one of his young nephews (another Gemini), who is maybe 9 or 10 years old at most who, after sneaking upstairs and taking $200 from someone’s pocketbook had apparently got caught when he then gave $100 of it to his sister and was asked where the hundred dollar bill had come from! I couldn’t help but laugh at the notion that here was a little trickster-in-training, showing his true colors early on, and notice that he went for the big bucks, never mind small change! Some other perhaps better-known and “shadier” Gemini characters are Donald Trump, Jack Kevorkian, Henry Kissinger, Rudy Giuliani, George Bush senior, his wife Barbara, Newt Gingrich and Eliot Spitzer. We can also add JFK in to the mix, as he too led quite a double life with all of his multiple mistresses including actress Marilyn Monroe, yet another Gemini!

Some other well-known Gemini actors & entertainers, singers & song-writers who have provided us with many words of entertainment over the years are Joan Rivers, Drew Carey, Hugh Laurie, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Helen Hunt, Tony Curtis, Morgan Freeman, Errol Flynn, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Judy Garland, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Sir Laurence Olivier, Tom Jones, Bob Dylan, Prince, Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Les Paul & Sir Paul McCartney. Sitting still is something a Gemini is NOT very good at so not surprisingly, Gemini is connected with the nervous system, as well as the lungs and many of them deal with respiratory issues. Michael J. Fox for example, another Gemini actor, has Parkinson’s, a disease of the nervous system. And check this out, I was watching some of the French Open tennis tournament while writing this month’s article, and when I researched a little further I discovered that Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Steffi Graf and Rafael Nadal are ALL Gemini! That’s a lot of forehands and backhands right there!

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And finally, to finish up this month’s article, I would be remiss if I did not also mention that it is Father’s Day this month.  So I’d like to wish all of you “father’s” out there, including my own, of course, a very Happy Father’s Day on June 20th. And here is one of my favorite photos of me with my father (taken a few years ago now!)

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