ChatterArtists July 2010 – maternity/family – Koren Reyes

Continuing on with the theme of “family” this month we are showcasing photographers who shoot maternity and family portraiture, with an emphasis on the bond between mother and child.

Koren Reyes

First up is a client of mine from a couple of years ago, photographer Koren Reyes, who has taken the “maternity” genre and primarily (although not exclusively) focused her business on that. You can imagine how wonderful it is for the mothers-to-be to have such beautiful and artistic images to remember their pregnancies by, (especially when the kid reaches the “terrible twos” and is driving her crazy!) and this image is no exception.

© Koren Reyes

Sandrine Flint

Sandrine Flint is married to my Florida-based client Stephen Flint, and while he continues to build his commercial and advertising business, Sandrine focuses on the children & family consumer portraiture. I really love her fresh and relaxed style. It is fittingly very “Florida” – full of light, life and laughter and we particularly loved this image of the pregnant mother in a natural environment.

© Sandrine Flint

Sue Barr

I met Sue Barr a few years ago when she came and showed her work at one of the New York Photo Salons. Sue shoots a very loose and natural style of “family life” imagery and is currently signed with agents and my friends, Watson & Spierman. We loved the simplicity of this charming image of a mother breastfeeding her infant.

© Sue Barr

Notice that up until this point, not surprisingly, the photographers who shoot babies, kids and families are usually women. However, there are men who shoot this challenging demographic as well.

Christopher Auger-Dominguez came to me a couple of years ago and we worked on his 2 different websites, one for his commercial and editorial work, and the other for his consumer portraiture. One of my favorite styles of portraiture from him is the conceptual work – as seen in this hilarious shot of husband & wife with the baby in the clouds!

© Christopher Auger-Dominguez

Dana Serling

Dana Serling is a more recent client of mine, who is new to both photography as her chosen profession and to New York City, having recently moved here from Chicago. Talk about “Six Degrees Of Separation” – Dana is good friends with Rose, who happens to be one of the Burlesque dancers that my client Callie Lipkin has photographed and, Rose is the one in the image that we picked for my article on Callie for PhotoServe – the girl in the dryer! Dana likes to shoot “natural” imagery that is not always as posed and we loved this cute family group shot.

© Dana Serling

Jade Albert

Next up we have Jade Albert, and we chose this perhaps less-obvious family lifestyle image in the end because we love the intimacy of the moment between mother and child. Be sure to also check out Jade’s recent work on the pageant princesses! If you have even watched “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TV, then you already know that these kids are a piece of work, but it is the pageant mothers to watch out for!

© Jade Albert

Tony Wood

And last, but by no means least, I wanted to show another client of mine from a few years ago, Tony Wood, who is based in Philadelphia. Tony shoots environmental portraiture and over the years he has shot many portraits of families that are not necessarily as “commercial” looking as some of the others, nor geared to the consumer market, but they still give an interesting as well as artistic insight into the family dynamic.

© Tony Wood