ChatterQuote April 2011

Adolph Hitler, 1889 – 1945

This month’s quotation aptly comes from a very famous and violent Aries, and that is Adolph Hitler. An obvious Aries for most people, yet some consider him a Taurus as he was born right on the “cusp” of both signs on April 20th, but let’s be honest – Aries is aggressive and destructive, while Taurus is plodding and methodical. Just look at and listen to the very words “Aryan race” and ask yourselves – does the word Aryan come from Aries… or Taurus, and the answer is pretty clear. While meant originally to simply be a neutral ethno-linguistic classification, the word Aryan was later used for ideologically motivated racism in Nazi and neo-Nazi doctrine. Nazi pseudo-science proclaimed the “Aryan race” to be the superior, culture producing race and the fair Nordic type was considered best. So while the whole world continues to wage war, who better to quote from this month than our war-hungry Hitler?

And better yet, as I was researching this month’s material, I realized that my next Netflix movie sitting right here on my desk here was… (drumroll please) none other than “Valkyrie” – a movie based on true events about an assassination plot to kill Hitler, starring Tom Cruise. Now, of all the numerous and varied choices of movies on my personal Netflix Queue, I just so happened to have one about Hitler this week? How crazy is that?

“The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.”

Adolf Hitler

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