ChatterTip of the Month May 2011

Spring Gardening Tips

So this month, I thought we’d feature some “gardening tips” because Taurus says, “I have, I have the fruits of the earth in my hands.” Not only is Taurus an Earth sign, they love to grow things and make marvelous gardeners. Growing up in England, I come from a family with a long line of gardening enthusiasts, especially on my mother’s side. And so, I invited my sister, who has certainly inherited this gardening ability, to write the tips for us! So hot off the presses here we have some gardening tips all the way from the UK for you, and the photo is one that I took of her garden a couple of summers ago.

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ChatterQuote May 2011

The Charging or Wall Street Bull, New York City

Besides “green” gardens, Taurus is also the sign associated with money, so it is no coincidence that the term “greenback” – another name for the dollar, refers back to the 1st paper currency that was issued in the United States during the American Civil War – and to this day, our currency remains green in color, does it not?

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ChatterLog May 2011


Taurus, the Bull

Greetings everyone and welcome to the May Chatterbulletin! Back in March we heralded in the Spring and then last month on April 22nd we celebrated “Earth Day.” And now that we have moved from our fiery sign of Aries, the Ram, to our slower-paced Taurus, the Bull, we are looking at our 1st Earth sign of the Zodiac.

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ChatterArtists May 2011

With this month’s theme being “Gardens” and connected with the Earth and all things that grow in it, I thought it would be pertinent to show you photographers who specialize in garden photography. It is a small niche of specialists, but a very pleasing one to explore. And because I only know a handful of them, I did a little searching online and found a lot more of them, especially in the U.K. – surprise, surprise – so we also have a couple of photographers from over there as well, representing the ultimate gardening nation! And be sure to check out each of their websites, so you can enjoy and soak in the rich beauty of all the work.

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