ChatterArtists May 2011

With this month’s theme being “Gardens” and connected with the Earth and all things that grow in it, I thought it would be pertinent to show you photographers who specialize in garden photography. It is a small niche of specialists, but a very pleasing one to explore. And because I only know a handful of them, I did a little searching online and found a lot more of them, especially in the U.K. – surprise, surprise – so we also have a couple of photographers from over there as well, representing the ultimate gardening nation! And be sure to check out each of their websites, so you can enjoy and soak in the rich beauty of all the work.

Eric Roth
Based in Massachusetts, photographer Eric Roth has 30 years of experience under his belt and photographs everything to do with homes, gardens, and in particular high-end interiors. His work is bold and beautiful and I loved his portfolio of garden images so much, I was thrilled to include him in this month’s line-up. Eric and his full-service digital studio also offer lifestyle, portrait and advertising photography, so be sure to check out all of his work. We chose this particular image to lead us “up the garden path” (so to speak) and into our world of garden photography this month!

© Eric Roth

Rich Pomerantz
Rich Pomerantz and I met a while back and I then worked with him on the Monthly Photo Salon for a good couple of years. On his website Rich says, “My visual mission is based in all things farm and garden related” and one of the reasons clients like to specifically hire Rich, he told me, is because he is also a serious gardener himself, so he brings that passion and knowledge to the work. He also lectures on various horticultural and agricultural subjects, as well as sustainable farming. He teaches photography at the New York Botanical Gardens, and will be offering a course at the Maine Media Workshops this coming Fall, September 18th – 24th, 2011 on horticultural & agricultural photography.

© Rich Pomerantz

Rob Cardillo
I met Rob Cardillo through the Philadelphia Chapter of ASMP and some of you may recall we recently featured his exhibition on the Chanticleer Gardens in a previous bulletin. So I knew he would be a perfect fit for this month’s theme! Former Director of Organic Gardening magazine, Rob has been photographing gardens, plants and the people who tend them for nearly 20 years. And, you’ll understand why we chose this particular image if you scroll down and read the ChatterTips, in particular the paragraph on color! Rob’s work is so beautiful and vibrant, it makes me want to jump right into wherever it is that he photographed!

© Rob Cardillo

Saxon Holt
Continuing on we have Northern California-based photographer Saxon Holt, a life-long gardener himself, Saxon spent his time as a commercial shooter until 1985 when he discovered the gardening market and could no longer stay indoors! He quickly developed a reputation as a photographer with a distinct vision and understanding of plants and landscapes. His work has been featured in a wide range of diverse publications and his work and own books increasingly focus on the relationship between gardens and the land. He is currently working on a book with herbalist Tammi Hartung, 100 Herbs That Heal. Be sure to visit his website to see more of his beautiful work.

© Saxon Holt

Andrea Jones
As a child, Andrea Jones loved to illustrate natural history subjects and looking at plants in close-up. She started her photographic career in advertising but soon realized that was not her niche. After a brief spell in wildlife photography when she had the pleasure to work with Dr. Jane Goodall, she realized that it was not just the animals (in this case, chimpanzees) but it was the landscape and the details of the plants and fruits that fascinated her. Now living in South West Scotland, she has been specializing in garden and plant photography since the early nineties, so be sure to visit her website to read about and see more of her work. For the bulletin, Andrea sent us some lovely images of “fritillaries” from a recent series she created which was featured in the Independent Review on Easter Sunday. The delicate softness of her images makes a nice contrast to some of our other photographers’ more vibrant photos.

© Andrea Jones

Stacy Bass
For the last number of years Stacy Bass has been photographing architecture, interiors and gardens for a variety of both editorial and advertising clients. In 2007 her 1st solo show of garden and botanical images aptly titled “First Light” sold out at the Je Reviens gallery in Westport, CT and also served as a fund-raiser for the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport. Always with an eye and interest in all things visual, Stacy has not only worked in various positions at a number of publications, but is also a graduate of NYU School of Law where she concentrated on copyright, trademark as well as art & entertainment law, enhancing her career with an additional area of expertise.

© Stacy Bass

Liz Eddison
While I was searching for garden photographers, I came across a website in the UK called the Garden Collection, which is a collective of some of the world’s leading horticultural photographers. One of the co-founders is photographer Liz Eddison who, after leaving Harrow School of Art, began her career in the photographic department of Sotheby Auctioneers, and after working as an assistant for advertising photographer, Bob Wallis, she then became an agent. Frustrated with being on the business side instead of behind the lens, she then combined her love for gardening with photography and freelance picture research, and has been published internationally in numerous books and magazines ever since. One of her favorite projects is to photograph the big flower shows, such as Chelsea, because of all its diversity of gardening styles, and this year she is honored to be one of the judges in the upcoming annual garden competition in Whichford Village, Warwickshire.

© Liz Eddison