ChatterTip of the Month April 2011

Tips for Healthy Hair

So this month, I thought we’d feature some “healthy hair remedies” because Aries, after all, rules the head. And another reason is that I get to show you one of my favorite new images from New York photographer Melissa Lynn. I absolutely love this image she showed me recently at the ASMP Fine Art Portfolio reviews, and was determined to use it in this month’s bulletin, especially as I also discovered that Melissa is an Aries – how perfect!

© Melissa Lynn

When we were younger, I can remember my sister using Vinegar to rinse her hair, and Beer was another popular one for soft and shiny tresses – apparently the proteins from the malt & hops rebuild and repair damaged hair! While I myself was known to experiment with Chamomile or Lemon Juice, recommended to keep fair hair blonder without using any peroxide bleach! Sage is also said to brighten the hair and surprise, surprise, rinsing with our good old friend Apple Cider Vinegar also helps make your hair shiny. So here are a few more natural remedies for some common hair problems:

Rosemary is the herb of choice for this condition and can be taken either internally as a tea or externally as a topical application. You can also dilute some Lavender Oil in a little Coconut or Almond Oil and massage into the scalp to eliminate those dry flakes. For supplements, they suggest increasing your intake of SeleniumZincB-Complex, as well as Vitamins C & E.

Dry Hair
Massage Rosemary-infused OilTea Tree or Cedarwood Oil into the scalp before washing hair. Check out Coconut or Olive Oil as well, which can be rubbed into the scalp, covered with a cap and left overnight before rinsing out in the morning. Vinegar is a great conditioner and can also improve cleanliness and shine, or check out whipping an Egg into a little tepid water (not too hot, or it will poach) and lather it into your hair, and again, rinse with tepid water. Mayonnaise (I know this one may sound a bit strange but supposedly it works!) not only brightens but also softens dry hair – they also suggest rinsing this one out of your hair thoroughly or you’ll be craving tuna salad for the rest of the day!

Greasy Hair
Add a few drops of Rosemary-infused Vinegar or Rosemary Essential Oil to the rinsing water. Another suggestion is any kind of Alcoholic Beverage, as it has a nice drying effect, and Beer for instance cleans right down to the scalp. Lemon Juice helps greasy hair, as does Apple Cider Vinegar. Or how about rinsing your hair in some diluted Tea, which contains Tannic Acid, which happens to be an astringent, which can cut the oil.

Hair Loss
Hereditary Hair Loss, also known as Alopecia, usually affects men more than women, and tends to be a feature of aging, starting with a receding hairline at the temples or forehead. Other causes of Hair Loss include stress, radiation or chemotherapy, pregnancy and childbirth, to name a few. Sage Tea, drunk or applied externally, will stimulate hair growth, and Nettle Tea is also said encourage the growth of hair; while a daily intake of Rosemary Tea improves circulation to the head. You can also massage Rosemary-infused Oilinto the scalp, or check out GingerLavender,  Sage or Cedarwood, all of which can either be massaged into the scalp or added to a mild, un-fragranced shampoo instead.

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