ChatterArtists Summer 2011

So naturally with this month’s theme being Food we are showing you photographers who shoot food & beverages this month!

David Bishop

I first met David Bishop a few years ago at an APA portfolio review event and he is currently represented by my pals at Watson & Spierman. David has a bright, bold style, which lends itself beautifully to food and beverage photography. He has been shooting for over 25 years and maintains a food studio in Chicago as well as his home base, New York.

David says, “Light uniquely controls the viewer’s eye to focus on whatever is the product’s universal appeal. Manipulating it requires experience and patience for the complex series of methods that relies on problem-solving one step at a time. Over the years, my clients consistently express the same goals of appetite appeal, approachability, dimension, texture and maintaining the food as hero.”

Kumamoto Oysters – © David Bishop

Adriana Mullen

Adriana first came to me as a client about three years ago and we instantly had a special bond. She is passionate and funny and shoots beautiful, mouth-watering imagery that makes you want to lick the computer screen. Adriana is also a talented food stylist and since we first met, she has continued to work hard on refining her photographic skills. The results speak for themselves, so be sure to check out her website! Preferring to shoot in natural light, her Sardinian roots simply ooze through her images. I love her!

Raspberry Tart – © Adriana Mullen

Iain Bagwell

I am really excited to include food photographer, friend and fellow Brit, Iain Bagwell this month. We first met at an industry event in Florida, even though he is based in Atlanta and I in New York, and he subsequently became a client as well as a friend. A few years ago now, I remember fondly we spent a frantic few days setting up appointments for him with NYC photo editors, and to enhance the “British” theme, he took a sumptuous cream tea plate to each of his appointments! We found miniature pots of strawberry jam and jars of real clotted cream but I confess, I didn’t make the scones myself, I picked them up every morning from “Tea & Sympathy!” Anyway, he’s come a long way since then and has an audacious, bold new website, so be sure to check it out.

Paella – © Iain Bagwell

Matthew Klein

Matthew and I first met when he participated on one of my early panels for APA New York called “Creativity + Commerce.” Matthew specializes in food photography for advertising and packaging. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, from the fresh, raw ingredients to the delicious cooked meal, Matthew does it all. I chose this particular image of the Potatoes au Gratin because it is one of my absolute favorite things to both cook and eat and something that my Mum and I made often through the years.

Potatoes au Gratin – © Matthew Klein

Renee Comet

There is an undeniably feminine quality to Renee’s work and I have always appreciated her choice of color palettes and her sense of “series” within her imagery. We met a few years back when I was first presenting one of my events for the Washington, DC Chapter of APA, of which she was the Treasurer. In fact, I have made several really good friends from my time spent with the DC Chapter – they’re a great group down there! It was tough to select just one image, but for this bulletin, we chose this crispy, crunchy, summery-looking salad (plus I’m a big “beet” fan too!).

Beet & Tomato Salad – © Renee Comet

Shannon & Colleen Graham

Now, if you’re going to eat, then you might also want a drink, right? So I thought it would be fun to show you some recent new clients of mine Shannon & Colleen Graham who, although they don’t shoot a whole lot of food, they do however shoot many beverages, and in particular – cocktails! I have really enjoyed working with this husband and wife duo and I particularly loved their niche specialty – cocktails – so we decided to create a 2nd website just for that. Not only are they both photographers and run a full studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Colleen is also a “mixologist” which comes in real handy…

Crusoe Spiced Rum Mojito – © Cocktail Images by S & C Graham


Once in a while we like to “mix” things up, so I thought I would also feature a stock agency this month, and naturally one that specializes in food photography. I first met these guys at PictureHouse (which is now Visual Connections), an annual event/trade show for stock photography providers. I see them there every year and in fact, I still have my StockFoodwooden spoon from them, which was their fun “giveaway” one year. From the website:“Founded by Pete A. Eising in Munich in 1979, StockFood has specialized in the area of food from the very beginning. Over the years a unique image archive has been built up, unrivalled worldwide in its comprehensive coverage of the subject of food. In addition to the Munich headquarters, StockFood America, Inc. was founded in 1995 in Kennebunk, Maine (USA) and in London in 2007.

© StockFood/Klaus Arras

StockFood Ltd. (UK)

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