ChatterTip of the Month October 2011

Dating Tips
Libra is the sign associated with partnerships and marriage – a Libra is always looking for a partner, either in business or in love, perhaps both? So we thought what better topic for our tips section this month, than dating tips!

Online Dating:
More and more people are dating online now, and there are numerous dating websites as well as advice and support centers for people of all ages, cultures and religions. Christian Mingle for example, promises to find “God’s match for you.” Imagine that? But what if they’re not on that website, but on a different one? How can they be so sure? There’s more than one Christian dating website? Another website cleverly called 2 Cities, 2 Soul Mates has a very down-to-earth approach and recommends as their Top Three Picks for online dating websites: E-Harmony, Match Perfect Match

1) Some Dating Tips from 2 Cities, 2 Soul Mates:

Don’t be afraid to be alone for a little while: Good point, because it would do many people a lot of good to take a little break in between relationships. We often don’t give ourselves enough time to really contemplate exactly who we are, before jumping back into a “we” situation. So I agree – be patient, take a break, and don’t rush it.

Do one thing that challenges you: Reason they say this is because by challenging your boundaries, you can help to eliminate some of the fear that gets in the way. Let’s be honest, fear holds us back in all areas of our lives, not just dating, period. So rather than attempting to climb the dating mountain all in one shot – why not aim for a foothill first. Start by saying hello!

Increase your odds:
 Like much of our life, dating is also a numbers game, so the more you put yourself out there, the better your chances of success. You don’t have to limit it to one thing, such as the online dating sites, but maybe take the chance of going on a blind date if the opportunity arises – you never know!

Improve yourself: If you don’t love yourself first, then you can’t love someone else, not properly. If we are looking for someone else to be the best that they can be for us, then we have to also look at ourselves and make sure we are the best that we can be for us first, and then for our partner and the rest of the people in our lives.

2) A Couple of Dating Tips from Top Dating Tips:

Enjoy dating for what it is: Have fun with it. It’s like going for a job interview or an audition – when you appear too desperate, it really does show. So relax, have some fun and think more about it as a form of socializing with interesting new people who may or may not become friends, and/or perhaps lovers, or not.

Never make yourself too available: That’s an oldie but goldie, for sure, but it’s true. Again, you don’t want to appear too desperate and give it all up immediately. Always have something for them to look forward to, the chase, the dance, and the mystery…

3) And one from me:

Find friendship first: As my “best friend” says, “Friends make better lovers, than lovers make friends.” And he’s right. The strongest and longest lasting relationships are the ones that are based on friendship above all else. When we first met, he insisted that he didn’t want another girlfriend or wife – he needed friends and allies. It was a different approach to dating for me, but my instincts told me to go with it. So we became friends, best friends, and that was eleven years ago now…

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