ChatterArtists November 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Scorpio, doctors, researchers and surgeons, we are bringing you photographers who shoot for Healthcare. This work can range from simple portraiture, to documenting actual procedures and treatments, to more “lifestyle” imagery for health insurance, or pharmaceuticals.

Mark Segal

First up is Chicago-based advertising, panoramic & aerial photographer and friend Mark Segal who I’ve known for many years. Mark has literally traveled the world shooting for a variety of advertising, corporate, editorial and healthcare clients, in addition he co-founded the stock library Panoramic Images with his brother Doug, and some of you may recall we featured his company SkyPan International in a previous bulletin. From his website, “He produces images that are vital, powerful and expressive.”

Blue Cross of Maryland Ad Campaign – shot in Miami

© Mark Segal

Blake Discher

Blake Discher is a photographer from Detroit, Michigan and an ASMP National Board Member, and again, someone I ran into at this year’s Photo Plus Expo. So while I’m sitting at the table with him and photographer John Harrington, I mentioned we would be featuring healthcare this month, and he pipes up, “I shoot a lot of healthcare.” So I insisted he be included in this month’s bulletin. And then when I emailed him this week asking for some images, he writes back saying he’s in China! But that won’t stop us and thanks to the Internet we were still able to include him. The image we are showing you was taken for a rehabilitation facility in Southeast Michigan.

© Blake Discher

Mike Roemer

Next we have Mike Roemer, a commercial & editorial photographer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who came to me for some consulting a couple of years ago now. From his website,“When I’m not shooting on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, I enjoy the creative challenge of combining unusual angles, lighting and lens options to produce the perfect commercial image.” From trucks to casinos, Mike shoots a range of subjects for his corporate clients, and I knew he had done some healthcare, and in particular, I had always loved this one particular image of the newborn babies.

© Mike Roemer

Zave Smith

I ran into Philadelphia-based photographer Zave Smith while I was at Photo Plus Expo last month. In fact, we met the first time at a Photo Plus Expo many years ago now when I was at the Black Book and we used to rent out this old diner across the street for clients to come and hang out and have a greasy burger. Since then we stayed in touch over the years and I knew Zave shot a lot of lifestyle, so chances were, he also shot some healthcare as well. And sure enough, he does. Zave has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to bring a lot of energy and fun to his work. This particular image we are showing you was shot for his client Merck. Be sure to go to his website and also check out his B&W portraits of young cancer patients for an amazing organization called “Flashes of Hope”.

© Zave Smith

Rick Davis

Timing is everything, and as luck would have it, Philadelphia-based photographer and videographer Rick Davis just so happened to send me something this week about a couple of commercial spots that he and his partner Erik Freeland and their company Springhouse Films worked on for Shore Medical Center in New Jersey. Rick says, “The commercial, entitled “Passion,” is a high production value shoot with great creative, A-team crew and talent, and a twenty piece mini symphony orchestra shoehorned into a spanking new operating room along with some very tasty FX work.” Sounds crazy, right? But the result is fantastic, so here’s the link to the 60-second spot and we are also showing you a still image of said orchestra! Rick offers both still and motion photography to his clients, but has found himself keeping very busy since focusing on the world of video and film.

Rhea Anna

Rhea Anna is lovely young woman based out of Buffalo, New York, whose name I was already familiar with, but we had not met in person until last month when I reviewed her portfolio at the ASMP booth at Photo Plus Expo. I really enjoyed meeting her, as well as seeing her work. I asked if she shot for healthcare clients, which she does, so I am happy to be including her in this bulletin. When she was hired to shoot this particular job for Excellus, the AD told her rep that he was more than confident to put her up against Toronto-based shooters more notable for the comedic genre – and with good reason. The tag line for the image we selected was – How are you saving your company money? Followed by the suggestion that you can save a few dollars with Excellus Health Insurance, and therefore be able to afford larger office space for your employees!

© Rhea Anna