ChatterArtists Holiday 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Sagittarius, our exercising “jock” of the zodiac, we are bringing you photographers who shoot Sports!

Jason Evans

I’ve not met Jason, however he was the “Grand Prize Winner” for the APA NY Photo Contest this year and lucky for me, his delightful winning trio of images is “sports-related.” Having said that, I also encourage you to check out his website as well to see the rest of his work.

© Jason Evans

Scott Bell

I first met Scott in Florida a few years ago now, and in October of this year I happened to run into him and a client of mine who he is buddies with at the Hasselblad Happy Hour at the Terminal Building during Photo Plus Expo. Scott is now primarily based in Chicago as well as Florida, and it was perfect timing as he shoots sports, as well as people. We just loved this image of the exuberant young football team!

© Scott Bell

Darren Carroll

I’ve never met Darren, but I saw his work on PhotoServe and thought he would be a perfect fit for our “sporting” theme this month. So I emailed him and without hesitation he got right back to me and was delighted to be one of this month’s ChatterArtists. So here is one of our favorites taken from the Rodeo, which seemed fitting since Darren is based in Texas – but do check out his website as he has wonderful work that spans all sorts of sports as well as environmental portraits.

© Darren Carroll

David Bergman

Some of you may remember David from our “music” newsletter – he describes himself as an “action” photographer and videographer, because he loves shooting both music and sports. And a perfect example of this was right after he finished the 17-country European tour with Bon Jovi this year, he then embarked on creating Gigapans at almost every single baseball playoff game (including all of the World Series games) for Pretty impressive! And the image we are showing you is from Game 7 in St. Louis, one showing the Gigapan itself, plus a detail shot of the pitcher to show how high the resolution is. To read more about David and his work, be sure to go to his website and blog.

© David Bergman

Chris Hamilton

I met Chris and his wife Rita way back when I was working at the Black Book, and they were some of my favorite clients. I always looked forward to seeing them when I visited Atlanta and Rita and I enjoyed many long conversations! Sadly, I haven’t seen them in quite a while, but as a long-time fan of Chris’ work, which is distinguished by his bold use of color and his time-lapse photography, he was a perfect fit for this month’s theme and I’m thrilled to be including him!

© Chris Hamilton