ChatterTip of the Month March 2012

Tips for Healthy Hands

Coffee bean image © Adrianna Mullen

This time last year, we brought you tips for Healthy Feet because the sign of Pisces rules the feet. So what shall we talk about this time? Well, over the last couple of years we’ve pretty much covered most of the body but as I am writing this, we have a Full Moon in Virgo, and Virgo sits opposite Pisces on the Zodiacal Archetype. And where Pisces rules the feet, Virgo rules over our hands – so here are some tips for maintaining Healthy Hands!

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ChatterQuote March 2012

Continuing with this month’s theme our quote this time naturally comes from a famous Pisces, Dr. Seuss, born March 2nd, 1904. Descended from German immigrants, Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet and cartoonist, best known for his children’s books, which no doubt many of you will have read growing up. He published a total of 46 children’s books, each one infused with his imaginative characters and rhymes.

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ChatterLab March 2012

This month my most recent article on Agency Access’ blog The Lab is about the importance of personal work. In my opinion, if you are an artist, then all of your work is going to be “personal” in some way. I really enjoyed writing about this particular topic, so to read more and see my wonderful photographer examples please click here:

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Halley Ganges – Go Studios – ChatterCorner March 2012

My latest article for PhotoServe’s Features section is a conversation with my old friend, photographer and owner of Go-Studios, Halley Ganges. Not only did we have the opportunity to catch up when I interviewed him, but I also got to see his wonderful new Penthouse Studio space that he has been building for the past year. To read more about Halley and this beautiful studios, please click on this link: Halley Ganges February2012

Daylight Go-Studios, New York City

ChatterArtists March 2012

Glen Wexler
I was thrilled when Glen Wexler agreed to be a part of this month’s bulletin, for he certainly is a master of creative and conceptual imagery in the advertising, editorial and fine art worlds. Glen has been shooting commercially for many years now and has won numerous awards. From his website: According to Eric Idle of Monty Python, “Glen is a seven-foot Scotsman with a wooden leg whom I met Frog Rolling on an Eskimo trip in Northern Greenland.” Believe what you will. That’s the point. Glen Wexler’s pictures have taken the viewer deep into make-believe worlds that look real. His signature style of “improbable realities” has earned an international client base and the following of photography collectors.

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