ChatterClient – Bob Zahn

ChatterClient – Bob Zahn

This is an excerpt from an email I received in 2016 from my client Bob Zahn, whom I first reviewed at Photo Plus Expo back in 2011! At that time he only had a box of prints to show, but there was one particular image that stood out, a wonderful portrait of a couple and I said, “You need to shoot more portraits like this!” And so his “American Gothic” journey began and in 2012 we worked together on setting up a brand new website as well as ideas for expanding the work. Since then both his work and the American Gothic project have come a long way…

When I saw her name listed as a portfolio reviewer for The Palm Springs Photo Festival at Photo Plus Expo, I thought — Bob, you must see or talk with Louisa as she was the very first person to encourage your work as a photographer. Many things have happened since then: I moved to California 9/1/14 because a lifestyle change was necessary to establish myself as a serious fine art photographer, and more importantly, to be close to “Slab City” where the character of “American Gothic II” has been so influential.

Good news — I was published in a full art feature in Issue Magazine, an arts centric publication made in LA — 18 pages, 12 color photographs and an interview with Julia Dean, executive director of the LA Center of Photography.

Louisa, this has been and is a career defining experience. A big Thank You and … smile! Your support was huge, helping to get me where I am today.

Bob Zahn – Calipatria, California

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