ChatterClient – Tony Ventouris

ChatterClient – Tony Ventouris

Louisa did for me what I could not do for myself. She edited my images down to a selection that not only made sense but also conveyed our chosen messages to my potential clients. Outcome? Most bookings I’ve ever had. Thank you Louisa!

The long version of the story is that she spent a lot of time listening to me, understanding my goals, browsing my images (over 200 current portfolio candidates were sent to her), and helping rewrite my content to make a unified brand out of me. I honestly felt a new confidence presenting my business to clients after she was done working her magic.

Louisa is a great listener and a great communicator, and she really knows how to get to the core of things and bring out the best. She found connections in my work I had never seen myself. In life everyone seems to have an opinion…my opinion is that Louisa’s opinion is one that matters!

Tony Ventouris – Silver Spring, Maryland

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