ChatterPresentations over the years…

This section is an overview of the many events I have created, produced and presented over the years.

I was the “Panel Queen” for some years, assembling both enlightening and informative panels comprised of diverse professionals from all areas of the photography industry. These discussions, presentations and round tables were both candid and humorous whilst also inspiring photographers to be the best they can be and how best and where to show their work.

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I moderated panel discussions at PPE (Photo Plus Expo) for eight consecutive years, and I like to think that as the years went on they got better and better. I always looked for panelists who would not only be creative, informative and talented, but fun as well!

I assembled multiple panels at Adorama as part of their educational programs, and often debuted a presentation that would then go on to be a part of PPE later in the year.

In addition to my panel discussions I have also created and presented several solo programs for both aspiring and professional photographers. I have presented these for both APA & ASMP, as well as for the students in the photography department at schools in New York, Philadelphia & Seattle. These presentations focus on photographer’s websites, editing and presentation, marketing, and finding your niche.