ChatterArtists of the Month February 2010

Continuing on with the theme of “Love” I realized that this month would be the perfect time for us to showcase a genre of photography that we have not yet given you, and that is Wedding Photography. I have a lot of respect for Wedding shooters, they carry a huge responsibility to capture precious imagery that will last for generations – and with no opportunity to go back and re-shoot!
Emilie Sommer
First up is Emilie Sommer, whose company emilie inc. is based in the Portland, Maine area. I love her beautiful and bold style. Emilie is also married to “J” Sandifer, the Wedding Marketing & Development Manager at liveBooks. “J” also has a great Blog on the wedding industry.

© Emilie Sommer &

Tracee Attlee
Then we have Tracee Attlee, a client from Alexandria, Virginia, who is an award-winning wedding & portrait photographer with a traditional and elegant style, and long-term clients such as the Boeing Company and the Rockefeller Family.

© Tracee Attlee

Lauren Grabelle
Followed by Lauren Grabelle, who when she is not taking portraits of dogs and their owners is photographing weddings with her same documentary, in-the-moment, realistic style that captures the flow of the festivities as it unfolds, just as with this precious image of a bride with her mother. &

Teri Bloom
Many wedding photographers still shoot in black & white for their brides as it brings such a timeless and classic feel to the imagery. This shot of Teri’s for example, could have been taken years ago, or just last weekend, because it expresses a universal and endearing emotional moment that we can all recognize.

© Teri Bloom

Johnson Sarkissian
Robert Johnson and Katherine Sarkissian are a dynamic husband and wife team who were early Chatterbox clients. And when they are not shooting fashion & editorial work, they are capturing weddings with their same lively style! It was a hard choice as to which image to select, for all of these photographers, but this one stuck out because it was so elegant and beautiful, like an oil painting – a simple study of a bride’s dress… &

Andrew Holbrooke
And then last but not least, I wanted to mention a new client of mine, Andrew Holbrooke. Andy is not a Wedding shooter, as you will see from his website, but while we were editing recently, I thought his image of this Vietnamese bride would be a fun one to include with this month’s theme. 

© Andrew Holbrooke


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