ChatterArtists of the Month March 2010

Continuing on with the theme of Creativity and the Arts I decided to feature photographers who capture images of dancers and musicians this month.

Sarah Small

First up is Sarah Small who has a unique and quirky style that pushes the envelope and definitely provokes a response from the viewer.

Jan Vogler © Sarah Small

David Bergman

Then we have David Bergman, who aside from his wonderful music photography and video work is also responsible for the infamous Obama inauguration “Gigapan”. David is currently finishing up his new website, so stay tuned (no pun intended) to see the transformation in the weeks to come.

Armor for Sleep © David Bergman &

Angel Burns

Next up is Angel Burns, whom I met at a portfolio review for APA in Los Angeles. Angel not only makes beautiful images of dancers, but she is also aptly named judging by the immediate connection we felt with one another. For me, she truly is an “angel.”

© Angel Burns

Kevin Tachman

Kevin Tachman is a client who loves to shoot both fashion and music. This image of the “Yeah Yeah Yeah’s” was a final in the most recent Billboard music contest.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s © Kevin Tachman

Ahron R. Foster

I met Ahron R. Foster at Photo Plus Expo last year and reviewed his portfolio at the A.S.M.P booth.

Allison Barber © Ahron R. Foster

Brian Jahn

Brian Jahn has spent a large amount of time on his personal project documenting the musicians of Jamaica, more of which can be seen on his blog.

Lee Perry © Brian Jahn &

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