ChatterTip of the Month February 2011

Tips for Healthy Blood & Good Circulation

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

Blood pressure is the force with which the blood presses against the arterials walls as it circulates throughout the body. When a person has High Blood Pressure, the force is greater than normal causing the arterial walls to narrow, which puts extra strain on the heart. A person’s blood pressure can easily increase with physical exercise, fear or stress, but these elevations are usually transient.

Some common complaints associated with High Blood Pressure are obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy. So what helps keep that pressure down, besides all those pharmaceuticals they give you?

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about the healing properties of Garlic, but eating plenty of it in the diet can act as a tonic to the circulatory system and helps to keep the blood healthy. Notice the French, for instance, who eat a lot of it in their diet… Some lesser-known natural remedies are Hawthorn BerriesCramp BarkLime Flowers and Yarrow. Massage with oils of LavenderMarjoram, or Ylang Ylang to aid relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension

Low Blood Pressure is an abrupt fall in pressure, possibly due to a heart failure of some sort, or loss of fluid to the circulation process. Common instances when Low Blood Pressure might occur are standing up suddenly after sitting for a long time, as well as burns, gastroenteritis and dehydration.

Another of our old friends from nature’s medicine cabinet again is Ginger which aids in stimulating the circulation, as do Hawthorn Topsand Rosemary, while Broom is said to tone the arteries, thus helping to improve Low Blood Pressure. And Ginseng is also said to alleviate the symptoms, according to the Chinese. Massage with oils of Black Pepper,LemonSage or Rosemary, which stimulate and warm.


Anemia is a deficiency of hemoglobin, the chemical that carries the oxygen in the red cells of our blood. The most common cause is a deficiency of the mineral iron, caused by excessive blood loss through trauma, surgery, childbirth, or it could be a vitamin B12 deficiency or simply a poor diet.

Drink Nettle tea daily, as it is rich in Iron, as are many dark leafy green vegetables, in particular SpinachWatercress & Parsley. Drinking Beet and Carrot juice may also help the condition and other iron-rich foods that are not green are OatsEgg Yolks and Pumpkin Seeds. Other herbal remedies are AlfafaDandelion Root, and Yellow Dock. Once again, Lavender oil is suggested for massage, as well as soothing Chamomile.

Atherosclerosis or High Cholesterol

In this instance, we have fatty patches building up on the artery walls, which eventually harden and partially block the artery, causing the formation of a blood clot. Not good!

Contributing factors to this condition can be smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes or simply heredity.

Once again we revisit one of those Mediterranean ingredients we have mentioned before, and this time it is Olive Oil, which helps to break down the fatty deposits in the blood. GarlicOnions and Yoghourt are all said to have a beneficial effect on the heart, (so now we have enough ingredients to make a salad dressing to go with our leafy greens proving that it’s not that hard to eat well at the same time as helping to protect your body!) Another suggested remedy is drinking Barley Water, as well as the herbs RosemaryHawthorn BerriesTops, and Lime Flowers again. Increase your intake of dietary fiber, and decrease your intake of salt and sugar. For massage, go with Juniper or Lemon oils to help break down the fatty deposits in the body.

Enlarged Spleen

The spleen is responsible for removing dead blood cells from the blood, and acts as a filter for red and white blood cells. All of the blood in the human body passes through the spleen approximately every 90 minutes. Abnormal enlargement of the spleen may occur in a number of diseases including – malaria, leukemia, glandular fever (Mononucleosis) and syphilis.

Once again, Garlic and Ginger are both known to help prevent and treat infections, as well as Liquorice, which helps to stimulate white blood cells and enhances recovery from an enlarged spleen. Echinacea is also widely used to treat infections and cleanse the blood.