ChatterArtists March 2011 – painters/imagination – Richard Bagguley

This month I decided to switch it up and bring you some painters and illustrators instead of photographers. With Pisces being a water sign, they are dreamy space cases living inside of their imaginations – they believe in love and beauty, after all…

Richard Bagguley

Richard Bagguley and I have known each other since we were 14 or 15 years old, when my mother, sister and I moved into the other half of his mother’s cottage following my parents’ divorce. So he is more like a brother to me than just an old friend and we certainly shared some great laughs and wonderful stories in our teenage years! Fast-forward 40+ years and we have an extremely talented artist and muralist. I chose this painting because of the angel, and the association to the spiritual sign of Pisces, who should now be ready to ascend to the heavens, but is torn between the two worlds!

© Richard Bagguley

Max Singer

Max Singer came to me as a client through Agency Access last year and we worked together to transform his cluttered old website into the beautiful, new and improved one. “His unique, colorful and bold illustrative style of imagery has been exhibited widely both in his home-base of New York City, in particular at such music and club venues as the Knitting Factory, as well as various outsider and contemporary galleries in his spiritual home of New Orleans, and was featured in the documentary Blood Brothers: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.” With the heart of a New Yorker, and the Soul of a New Orleans’ musician, Max’ distinct artistry was a perfect fit for the dreamy and imaginative mind of our Pisces – the word is even in the title!

“In the Maze of Her Imagination”, Times Square Station, 2008 © Max Singer

Ty Wilson

When I worked with agents Watson & Spierman, I enjoyed the opportunity to handle both illustrators and photographers, and one of my favorite illustrators was the talented artist Ty Wilson. Working primarily in India ink on a white field, his fluid lines are then enhanced by assorted mixed media. His website says it all, “Ty’s contemporary, romantic, figurative depictions of love and longing have sold by the hundreds of thousands worldwide since the 1980’s, making him the top selling African-American artist of the last century.” We chose this line drawing of a person having their feet washed, a perfect fit for Pisces, who is not only a water sign but also rules the feet.

© Ty Wilson

Megghan O’Malley Powell

Megghan Powell is also represented by Watson & Spierman, but we have not worked together before. I love her contrasting vibrant colors and feminine style and the fact that she is also a costume designer! “Meghann has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Her background in costume design informs her work, and she approaches her illustrations as if they are scenes on stage. Her subjects are the leading ladies, fully adorned with costumes, scenery, and lighting. Coming from a family of seven girls inspires Meghann to create confident and creative women who are always imbued with flair and occasionally with a sense of humor.” And continuing along with Pisces and the feet, we had to go with this wonderful illustration of a shoe addict!

© Megghan Powell

Aurora Lucia-Levey

And last but not least, Aurora Lucia-Levey is the talented and delightful daughter of my dear friend Gina. She was a young teenager when they moved to New York from Boston, and I have seen her grow up and mature into a wonderful young woman. Although she told me she has not done much new art lately, instead she is currently studying film production – I still wanted to show you one of her paintings, which is from a series of self-portraits. And as her birthday falls right on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, I thought it was interesting that her work reflects some of the Piscean fascination with “Identity.”

© Aurora Lucia-Levey