ChatterTip of the Month April 2011

Tips for Healthy Hair

So this month, I thought we’d feature some “healthy hair remedies” because Aries, after all, rules the head. And another reason is that I get to show you one of my favorite new images from New York photographer Melissa Lynn. I absolutely love this image she showed me recently at the ASMP Fine Art Portfolio reviews, and was determined to use it in this month’s bulletin, especially as I also discovered that Melissa is an Aries – how perfect!

© Melissa Lynn

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ChatterRecipe of the Month April 2011

Devilled Eggs

So you may have thought I might give you something with chocolate for this month’s recipe, but instead I decided to stay with our egg theme instead and bring you something simple yet classic and easy to make for entertaining – Devilled Eggs! Everyone’s got their own special spin on this family classic, so here are a few suggestions to liven up those hard-boiled treats!

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ChatterArtists April 2011

With this month’s theme being “War” it was a perfect opportunity to show you photographers who are photojournalists. I have so much admiration for the work they do and the images they capture. For instance, many of you may have seen the recent NY Times Blog post “You Might Die Tonight” on the four photojournalists who were captured in Libya.

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