ChatterQuote Holiday 2011

So this month, I was pondering which famous Sagittarius to quote and instead of one I decided to give you a few – besides, it was very hard to choose and according to my ChatterQuote rulebook, it’s my newsletter so I can have as many as I want! Each one demonstrates a specific Sagittarian aspect, and first up we have two musical legends, each one about as different from one another as you can get, and yet both have made their distinct and unique mark in musical history.

The Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and it is Jupiter’s role to bring “wisdom” to our lives. We begin with legendary guitarists Jimi Hendrix, a Sagittarius, born November 27th, 1942, who even uses the very word “wisdom” when he said:

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens… When the power of love conquers the love of power then the world will know peace.

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ChatterLog Holiday 2011


Sagittarius, The Centaur

Greetings everyone and welcome to the December “Holiday” bulletin – our last issue for the year 2011. Following on from our secretive sign of Scorpio, this month brings us to the not-so-subtle sign of Sagittarius, half-man and half-horse, also known as the Centaur. Where the Scorpio might not be so vocal, the Sagittarius will surely make up for it – they like the sound of their own voices!

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ChatterLab Holiday 2011

My latest article for Agency Access’ Blog, The Lab talks about print promotions and here’s the question I was asked this time, “Can you give me some feedback regarding how print promotions are received as an efficient follow-up to email blasts?” I used my Florida-based client Stephen Flint to illustrate this topic, showing his “Smokey” portrait promotion which he sent out earlier this year, taken from a personal project.

Smokey says – It’s a great day to be above ground!

Judi Stuffick – ChatterCorner Holiday 2011

My latest article for the Features section on PhotoServe is my conversation with Philadelphia-based emerging photographer Judi Stuffick. About this time last year I was one of judges for the ASMP Philadelphia Annual Photo Contest, and I was particularly taken by Judi’s series of “projected” images, even before I knew the back story behind them. I asked to be introduced to her at the opening earlier this year, and we have stayed in touch since then. I used her recently as an example in one of my articles for The Lab, where I talk about what work stands out for me, and hers certainly did, so read the article, please click on this link: Judi Stuffick November2011

Clothes Line © Judi Stuffick

ChatterArtists Holiday 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Sagittarius, our exercising “jock” of the zodiac, we are bringing you photographers who shoot Sports!

Jason Evans

I’ve not met Jason, however he was the “Grand Prize Winner” for the APA NY Photo Contest this year and lucky for me, his delightful winning trio of images is “sports-related.” Having said that, I also encourage you to check out his website as well to see the rest of his work.

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