ChatterTip of the Month April 2012

Tips for Minor Accidents
The sign of Aries can be quite clumsy – these are not generally careful or graceful people, they are too busy moving in a fast-forward direction to notice the calamities around them! So for this month’s tips, we are giving you some remedies for minor accidents!

Arnica has been used for its healing properties for many centuries and is recommended for all injuries to encourage healing as well as reduce the risk of bruising. I remember my mother applying Arnica to our bruises when we were growing up. It is used externally for aches, pains, sprains and bruises, and it can also be taken internally for shock.

Minor burns or scalds can be easily treated at home, but a physician should see any serious burns. Aloe Vera is a wonderful healer we’ve mentioned before and it cools the burn while preventing infection at the same time. They say raw Onions or Potatoes used directly on the skin bring instant relief and our old friend Honey can be applied directly to a burn to facilitate healing and help prevent infection.

Minor cuts and abrasions should be cleaned with a mild Antiseptic and clean WaterSalt Water for example, is a natural antiseptic or a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in some Warm Water make a great antiseptic with which to clean the wound. Aloe Vera can be applied to help reduce any inflammation and prevent infection. Myrrh can also be used to clean the wound or a few drops of Myrrh Tincture can be applied to the dressing. Both Cayenne Pepper and diluted Lemon Juice are excellent styptics and can be applied to a wound to stop the bleeding. Sugar is also said to prevent scar tissue and Geranium Oilcan be dropped onto a dressing to encourage healing.

Anatomically Aries rules the head, so I thought we might as well mention nosebleeds as well, right? A drop of Lavender Oil on a Q-tip and inserted into the nostrils helps the healing and stops the bleeding. A drop of Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar will also work just as well to stop the bleeding. Other more interesting remedies to stop a nosebleed are to lean forward slightly and lightly pinch the sides of the nose, or lie on the ground and have someone firmly smack the bridge of each foot with the palm of their hand. Apparently the nosebleed should stop immediately however, sometimes hitting it right takes a little practice! And one of my all-time favorites, and one that still defies explanation, but it is supposed to work, and that is to put cold Keysdown your back.

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