Alfred Hitchcock – ChatterQuote August 2012

“Drama is like life with the dull bits cut out.”

©Yousuf Karsh

Alfred Hitchcock, August 13, 1899 – April 29, 1980

Last year we didn’t have an August newsletter, so this month’s quote is our first from a famous Leo, and trust me when I say, there were plenty to choose from! Besides being royal and natural-born leaders, the sign of Leo is also the sign connected with creativity and the arts, so there are many actors and musicians, writers and filmmakers in this group. In the end I decided to go with the iconic and brilliant British film director Alfred Hitchcock, a Leo born August 13th, 1899 in London, England. He made more than 50 feature films in a career spanning 6 decades and was rightly referred to as the “master of suspense.” And although the Leo definitely has a flair or natural tendency for the dramatic, they are also very playful creatures and like to have fun.