Marketing: One Size Does Not Fit All! for ASMP NY – PBNY – February 2015

Marketing: One Size Does Not Fit All! for ASMP NY – PBNY – February 2015

They Say One Size Fits All – Or Does It?

Should you have all of your work on the one website, and if so, how do you organize it? Or should you consider multiple websites for multiple markets?

Each photographer is different and no, from experience – “one size definitely does not fit all!”

When Cookie Cutter Marketing Simply Doesn’t Cut It…

You’ve all heard the expression “square peg in a round hole” – as an artist, you are already fitting that description – so take that same attitude to your marketing and think outside of the box. What worked for Chuck in the 80’s may not work so well for Carmelita today!

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How To Manage (Your) Marketing Without Completely Hating It!

Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to do “marketing” do they? Not usually, and most likely you’d prefer to stick with being that square peg, the artist, and artists aren’t good at the business side of things… are they? Enough of your excuses and make your marketing plan manageable.

Marketing – May As Well Make It Fun – It Has To Be Done Anyway

Since you are a “business” as well as an “artist” and you do have to do some marketing, then why not make it fun? That doesn’t mean you have to shoot humorous images – make the “process” of marketing itself entertaining – play loud music, sit at your desk in your PJ’s and drink hot chocolate – whatever helps you to get the work done!

With So Many Marketing Options – How Do I Know What Is Right For Me?

Back to the “one size does not fit all” syndrome, so you pick and choose what makes sense for your brand and your marketing plan, and tie it all in together.