Six-Month Tune-Up Show-And-Tell Panel @ Adorama – June 2012

Six-Month Tune-Up Show-And-Tell Panel @ Adorama – June 2012

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Moderator: Louisa Curtis – Creative Consultant – Chatterbox Enterprises

Panel: Julie Grahame – Editor-in-Chief – aCurator

Steve Whittier – Executive Creative Director – R/GA

Kristen Walsh – Art Buyer – Arnold

Michelle Chant – Art Producer – Wieden + Kennedy

Claudia Grimaldi – Photo Editor – Parade Magazine

Rick Davis – Photographer/Videographer – Springhouse Films

Amanda Steinberger – Sales & Operations Manager – CASEY

*Panel line-up subject to change due to availability

When: Wednesday, June 13, 2012                                                          Time: 5:30 – 8:00PM

Where: The Adorama Building, 42 West 18th Street, 5th floor            Price: $25.00

Course Description: Back by popular demand and continuing on from our November 2011 “business of photography” panel that suggested we “stop looking in the rearview mirror and just drive the car” – we are now ready for our six-month tune-up! So with a revised line-up of stellar photography professionals this round table “show & tell” panel (minus the table) assembled (not the table) and moderated by Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox Enterprises, is destined once again to be both revealing as well as informative.

The panel is comprised of a diverse group that includes an Art Buyer/Producer, Executive Creative Director, a pair of Photo Editors, an online Curator, a Producer and a Photographer/Videographer, who will be sharing their various insights and wisdom with us, as well as giving specific visual examples and case studies of photographers and their promotions – who stood out for them, and why? After introductions to their backgrounds, Louisa will have each panelist present their portion of the “show & tell” evening.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What makes a photographer stand out from the crowd in today’s saturated market?
  • How has the marketplace changed and what do they anticipate seeing in the near future?
  • What do photographers need to do to stay on point and remain relevant in these changing times?
  • What skills should they be sharpening and which should stay in the toolkit?
  • How much has “social networking” played a part in your promotions—and will you do more in the coming months?
  • What have you done specifically to successfully grow your business?
  • Everyone’s talking about video – how does that work for me?
  • What’s your biggest prediction for the rest of 2012?

And there will also be ample time for the audience to ask questions during the discussion.

Requirements: Attendees should bring items for note taking during the Workshop.