Love, Creativity & The Olympics – ChatterLog August 2012

Greetings everyone and welcome to the August ChatterBulletin and the fiery sign of Leo. Our theme for this month is Love, Creativity & The Olympics. Back in February 2010 we talked about Love in the Aquarius newsletter because Valentine’s Day falls in the month of February. However, it is Leo, sitting right opposite Aquarius that is the sign truly connected with Love. Why Leo? Think about it. The Planet Saturn co-rules both the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius, and although the Aquarius is a social creature, they can be quite detached emotionally because that’s not what they’re wired for; emotions are for the water signs. And, the months of January and February are the coldest of the year, are they not? Valentine’s Day is connected with Christian martyrs and persecuting Romans, so what’s loving about that?  But with Leo, the calendar month is August when it is hot, very hot, and the element is Fire, so our ruler is the ultimate in life-giving energy and warmth – the Sun. Anatomically, the sign of Leo rules the Heart, the vital organ that gives us the “heartbeat of life,” and without that, we cannot live. And it is the Heart that we also associate with Love, or being “broken-hearted.” So it is up to our Leo to warm everyone up with their feline affection and pure heart-felt Love. Our Leo is the sign not only associated with Love but also with Loyalty, and they are extremely loyal creatures to those they love. And from Loyalty, we move to Royalty. Not simply because the words rhyme, but because our Leo is also the “King of the Jungle,” making them the most regal of signs as well.

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ChatterLog July 2012


Greetings everyone and welcome to the July bulletin and our summery sign of Cancer! And if you live in New York, as I do, you definitely know that summer has indeed arrived – temperatures here have been in the 90’s for days and days and tomorrow promises to hit the 100-degree mark! Thank goodness for the AC, although I must admit I am dreading my next Con-Edison bill, which will probably be double what I usually pay! So what’s our theme for this month? I decided to go with Home. The sign of Cancer is all about our home, our family and our upbringing. The mother’s job is to take care of the children and in order to do that she creates a “home” for the family to feel comfortable and safe in. Notice that the symbol for this sign is the crab, a creature that literally carries its home on their back, and protects the precious cargo inside with a tough, impenetrable shell. Key word here is ‘impenetrable,’ because as much as the Cancer takes care of other people, they are very protective of their own feelings, and avoid letting anyone see that vulnerable side of themselves, because once you break through that hard shell, they have no defenses! Cancer is literally driven by their emotions. If they don’t ‘feel’ it – it simply isn’t happening!

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ChatterLog June 2012


Greetings everyone, and welcome to the June bulletin and to our “dual” sign of Gemini. This time last year there was no June bulletin because I had put my back out and was in so much pain, I couldn’t even sit at the computer or write! So without wasting any time or words, I’ll get right to it – this month’s theme is Communication. Remember that our first sign of Aries gave us Life, Taurus uncovered our Senses, and now Gemini exposes us to the Mind and Intellectual Thought. Simply put, Gemini is the sign that “thinks” (constantly!). Remember that our first two signs were represented by members of the animal kingdom (the ram and the bull) but now we are introduced to our first human being, or should I say “human beings?” You’ll see in the illustration we have the two twins, the symbol for Gemini. Notice that one of them is holding a lyre – why’s that, you may ask? Because the planet Mercury rules Gemini and it was Mercury (or Hermes for the Greeks) who invented the original “lyre.” In the olden days, before we had computers, telephones or the Internet, messages and stories were passed down through song and story-telling. And, if you think about it, simply look at the word “History” and we can see how it can broken down to read “his story.” So it was “his story” than gave all of us our “history.” And just as Gemini is the sign that records our history, our sign for next month will be Cancer, and is the sign that loves to go back into the past and learn about all of that history!

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ChatterLog May 2012


Greetings everyone and welcome to the May bulletin! We have now sprung from our fiery sign of Aries and landed in our slower and somewhat more grounded sign of Taurus. And in keeping with the element that rules over this sign, we recently celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd, right as we entered in to the Earth sign of Taurus. Last year we talked about gardens and the year before that it was possessions, so this time I decided to go with Senses. Why, you might ask? Well, many of you will be familiar with the sign of Taurus being associated with money, gardens, possessions and working hard, but did you also know that this is the sign connected with our Senses? Taurus, simply put, supports the notion of the pleasure principle.

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ChatterLog February 2012


Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Greetings everyone and welcome to the February ChatterBulletin, and the sign of Aquarius. From our “Frosty the Snowman” sign of Capricorn who ushers in the season of Winter, we continue to feel the cold, because the Planet Saturn rules both of these signs and Winter is far from over. But from the frozen Earth and crystallized emotions, we now have crisp, clean Air and spiritual communication. Aquarius has taken all of the knowledge passed on to them and is now pouring it back down onto the Earth again for the benefit of all mankind. Aquarius preaches to the masses – they are “people people” and can pretty much talk to anyone.

Remember how Capricorn doesn’t really like people that much? They prefer instead the company of children, seniors or animals. Well, with our Aquarius, we have the exact opposite because they are the Social Butterflies of the zodiac, whose friends and social networks are of utmost importance to them. I have heard and observed many an Aquarian talk about how important their friendships are. The down side of this social ability is that although they do function and feel better in group situations, they are not nearly as comfortable when having to speak one-on-one. My father was a perfect example of this. He loved, in fact thrived on his social networks, but ask him to sit down and talk about his feelings or something emotional – not bloody likely!

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ChatterLog Holiday 2011


Sagittarius, The Centaur

Greetings everyone and welcome to the December “Holiday” bulletin – our last issue for the year 2011. Following on from our secretive sign of Scorpio, this month brings us to the not-so-subtle sign of Sagittarius, half-man and half-horse, also known as the Centaur. Where the Scorpio might not be so vocal, the Sagittarius will surely make up for it – they like the sound of their own voices!

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