ChatterTip of the Month July 2012

Tips for Healthy Breasts

© Koren Reyes

As some of you may recall, anatomically the sign of Cancer rules over the stomach, and a couple of years ago we gave you some natural remedies for stomach ailments. Last year our theme for July was food and we gave you some cooking tips, in particular concerning dairy products, milk & cheese. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that besides the stomach, the sign of Cancer also rules over the breasts, because Cancer is the archetypical mother and she not only carries the baby inside of her for nine months, she also provides her child the necessary nourishment with her breast milk. If you look at the glyph for the sign of Cancer, you can see that it too resembles her two breasts so here are some Tips for Healthy Breasts.

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ChatterTip of the Month June 2012

Tips for Healthy Lungs

From Aries and the head, followed by Taurus and the neck, we continue to move down the body and now with Gemini we are talking about the Lungs (notice there are two of them!) and the Respiratory System. Gemini is our first Air sign, and without Air, we cannot breathe, and without breath, we have no life, therefore, the Lungs are very important organs. There are many different ailments and illnesses associated with our Respiratory System, ranging from a simple cold to pneumonia, perhaps too many to mention this time around. Gemini’s color is Yellow and notice how many of the recommended herbs are also Yellow in color? Several of these can be used to treat one or more of Gemini’s ailments, and many of them will be found as ingredients in Gemini’s favorite dishes, so here are a few of them:

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ChatterTip of the Month May 2012

Tips for the Neck & Throat

© Tom Raven

As you know, I like not to repeat a topic if I can possibly help it, so looking back over the previous bulletins, this time last year for Taurus we gave you some gardening tips (I have to say that last year’s May bulletin on gardens was one of my favorites!), and the year before that it was beauty tips from the kitchen.

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ChatterTip of the Month March 2012

Tips for Healthy Hands

Coffee bean image © Adrianna Mullen

This time last year, we brought you tips for Healthy Feet because the sign of Pisces rules the feet. So what shall we talk about this time? Well, over the last couple of years we’ve pretty much covered most of the body but as I am writing this, we have a Full Moon in Virgo, and Virgo sits opposite Pisces on the Zodiacal Archetype. And where Pisces rules the feet, Virgo rules over our hands – so here are some tips for maintaining Healthy Hands!

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ChatterTip of the Month February 2012

Tips for Healthy Ankles

Last year, we talked about tips for healthy blood and circulation, because Aquarius rules over these areas. The sign of Aquarius also rules over your ankles, so this time we’re giving you some tips for, yes, you guessed it – Healthy Ankles! As with the other joints in our physical bodies, we need the ankles for flexibility, to allow us to flex the foot and rise and fall as we walk. It’s one of those areas we can easily forget about too. With so much else to remember, who thinks of their ankles?

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ChatterTip of the Month November 2011

Tips for your “Private Parts”

I’m sure many of you have heard of the term “Private Parts” used to describe one’s genitals, reproductive or sexual organs. The sign of Scorpio rules over those intimate, personal or private parts, which is no big surprise really, because Scorpios are very sexual people to begin with, and they are also very secretive. Thus we associate “privacy” or “secrecy” to that region of the body (unless you are a nudist, of course!) It is generally not thought of as normal in our society to walk around exposing these private parts of our anatomy to all and sundry – instead they are reserved for intimate relations usually performed in private.

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