ChatterRecipe of the Month October 2011

Strawberry Scones

Libras are often known to have a sweet tooth, so I could have gone with yet another yummy desert this month, but one of Libra’s favorite things to eat happens to be strawberries, so when I found this recipe for Strawberry Scones in one of my Ina Garten “Barefoot Contessa” recipe books, it seemed a perfect fit. She says, “In a world where most scones are like hockey pucks, this (recipe) is light and moist. We use all kinds of fruit fillings, including raisins, fresh cranberries, and dried cherries (yum!). The key to flaky scones (pay attention now) is not to over-blend the butter.”

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ChatterLab October 2011

Be sure to watch out for my next “post” on the Agency Access blog The Lab, due out later this month. This next article is all about how much time you should give your marketing strategy before you make any changes, and also ties in beautifully with my ChatterCorner article with Keith Barraclough. I use a number of Keith’s email promotions to illustrate this particular blog post and we talk about his promotions and staying “patient” with his marketing in the article for PhotoServe.

Keith Barraclough – ChatterCorner October 2011

Be sure to check out my most recent article for PhotoServe’s Features section. This month my conversation is with photographer Keith Barraclough and how he managed to shoot close to 164 dog breeds for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. Check out the article by clicking on this link: Keith Barraclough September2011

Portrait of Black Labrador Retrievers taken for Art Buyer at Discovery
© Keith Barraclough