ChatterClient – Patrice Gilbert

ChatterClient – Patrice Gilbert

I enjoyed working with Louisa. She is a great photo editor and has a soothing way of nudging a photographer into creating new body of work. She can take a jumble of images and find order and a storyline, utilizing the theme of most of the images, and/or color and composition. Through this process a new style can emerge.

In short, Louisa has a warm personality, a keen eye, and she can create order out of chaos! This gives a new sense of confidence and direction when approaching new and dream clients.

Patrice Gilbert – Washington, DC

ChatterClient – Axel Breutigam

ChatterClient – Axel Breutigam

A few years ago when I was in the process of becoming a semi-professional Fine Art Photographer I came across Chatterbox’s services and I contacted Louisa Curtis. We discussed my then current website, how to curate images and in particular, ways to get recognition.

Louisa had very helpful tips and gave me lots of ideas to make my website more interesting; she also drafted my short bio which became an essential part of my promotion efforts for a long time.

Louisa’s work back then was the first and important step for me to become the full-time professional Fine Art Photographer that I am today.

I had several group and solo shows during the last three years, I have Gallery representation in the US and in Canada now and I published three Fine Art Photography books. Louisa did essential groundwork to achieve this success.

Thanks again, Louisa. 

Axel Breutigam – Vancouver, Canada & Palm Springs, California

ChatterClient – Ron Glassman

ChatterClient – Ron Glassman

When I was ready to market a new line of photography I turned to Louisa to help me through the process. Having heard her speak and knowing her professional reputation I instinctively felt she was the expert who would deftly shape my ideas and images into a strong and convincing look. She did not disappoint!

New Yiddish Rep’s “God of Vengeance” produced in Dec 2016

Louisa understood my concept and then reviewed (and reviewed) images, pulling out the gems, which naturally lead to the particular galleries. One of her many gifts, and what I found most helpful, is her ability to listen and then guide the process. Her focus was always on the core concept – continually thinking about how images related to what I needed to say. Couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without her!

Ronald L. Glassman – theater photographer, writer & film producer – Stamford, Connecticut



ChatterClient – Bob Zahn

ChatterClient – Bob Zahn

This is an excerpt from an email I received in 2016 from my client Bob Zahn, whom I first reviewed at Photo Plus Expo back in 2011! At that time he only had a box of prints to show, but there was one particular image that stood out, a wonderful portrait of a couple and I said, “You need to shoot more portraits like this!” And so his “American Gothic” journey began and in 2012 we worked together on setting up a brand new website as well as ideas for expanding the work. Since then both his work and the American Gothic project have come a long way…

When I saw her name listed as a portfolio reviewer for The Palm Springs Photo Festival at Photo Plus Expo, I thought — Bob, you must see or talk with Louisa as she was the very first person to encourage your work as a photographer. Many things have happened since then: I moved to California 9/1/14 because a lifestyle change was necessary to establish myself as a serious fine art photographer, and more importantly, to be close to “Slab City” where the character of “American Gothic II” has been so influential.

Good news — I was published in a full art feature in Issue Magazine, an arts centric publication made in LA — 18 pages, 12 color photographs and an interview with Julia Dean, executive director of the LA Center of Photography.

Louisa, this has been and is a career defining experience. A big Thank You and … smile! Your support was huge, helping to get me where I am today.

Bob Zahn – Calipatria, California

ChatterClient – Debbie Miracolo

ChatterClient – Debbie Miracolo

My good intuition led me to schedule an appointment with Louisa after attending one of her excellent panel discussions at PhotoExpo. To say the least, it was the right decision. With several bodies of work that seemed disparate along with a minor identity crisis, I couldn’t see a clear way to present myself. Louisa cleared the fog.

She showed me that I didn’t have to choose between fine art and commerce – that it was simply a matter of marketing myself in a way that would appeal to both. In a little over an hour she filled my head not only with inspiration but with brilliant, concrete ideas as well.

Louisa was instrumental in the creation of my website and has been incredibly generous, caring and helpful. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with this sharp lady and recommend her highly!

Debbie Miracolo – Hawthorne, New York