ChatterLog May 2012


Greetings everyone and welcome to the May bulletin! We have now sprung from our fiery sign of Aries and landed in our slower and somewhat more grounded sign of Taurus. And in keeping with the element that rules over this sign, we recently celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd, right as we entered in to the Earth sign of Taurus. Last year we talked about gardens and the year before that it was possessions, so this time I decided to go with Senses. Why, you might ask? Well, many of you will be familiar with the sign of Taurus being associated with money, gardens, possessions and working hard, but did you also know that this is the sign connected with our Senses? Taurus, simply put, supports the notion of the pleasure principle.

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ChatterArtist May 2012

Preston Chaplin

Following on from last month, our ChatterArtist for May is naturally going to be a Taurus, so we’re showing you some work from photographer Preston Chaplin, whom I first met in Atlanta, some years ago now. At that time, he was just starting out and my buddy George Fulton had taken him under his wing. Well, he’s come a long way since then – he relocated to New York, got married and now has two beautiful daughters, and that’s just for starters. Preston was also an early client when I first started Chatterbox, so it is nice to reconnect with him again and to show you his work.

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Gordon Watkinson – ChatterCorner May 2012

Last month in the ChatterNews we mentioned my friend and photographer Gordon Watkinson‘s project “Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy” and his current fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter. Well, this month my interview for PhotoServe’s Features section is also with Gordon – so to learn more about the artist and his project and view his cool new website, please click on this link: Gordon Watkinson May2012
© Gordon Watkinson – Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy

ChatterTip of the Month May 2012

Tips for the Neck & Throat

© Tom Raven

As you know, I like not to repeat a topic if I can possibly help it, so looking back over the previous bulletins, this time last year for Taurus we gave you some gardening tips (I have to say that last year’s May bulletin on gardens was one of my favorites!), and the year before that it was beauty tips from the kitchen.

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ChatterRecipe of the Month May 2012

Hot Chocolate Soufflés
The sign of Taurus is fond of the finer things in life, including good food and wine, and the Planet Venus rules the sign of Taurus and Venus is connected with sugar and sweets. So, surprise, surprise, this months’ recipe is a dessert, and a luxurious one at that! And according to Rebecca Franklin, this particular French recipe is a magical, rich and complex confection that perfectly rounds out any meal, it is also really simple to make.

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