ChatterArtists September 2011

So naturally with this month’s theme being Pets we are showing you some photographers who shoot animals and pets this month!

Michael Brian
I have never met Michael Brian but I love his work and the extensive library he has built of dog imagery. So much so, it was really difficult to pick just one image for you. When a photographer sticks to a particular niche, the way Michael has, it is inspiring to see the breadth of the work within such a focused subject matter.

On his website he says, “Whether it be a major ad campaign or a simple portrait, the sole purpose behind Michael Brian’s dog imagery is to raise the global consciousness to the magical gifts they provide for us, if we are willing to look beyond the obvious…” Michael is represented by Bruce Levin, so be sure to check out their websites, as well as Michael’s Blog, where you’ll find his regular feature “Dog of the Day.”

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ChatterArtists Summer 2011

So naturally with this month’s theme being Food we are showing you photographers who shoot food & beverages this month!

David Bishop

I first met David Bishop a few years ago at an APA portfolio review event and he is currently represented by my pals at Watson & Spierman. David has a bright, bold style, which lends itself beautifully to food and beverage photography. He has been shooting for over 25 years and maintains a food studio in Chicago as well as his home base, New York.

David says, “Light uniquely controls the viewer’s eye to focus on whatever is the product’s universal appeal. Manipulating it requires experience and patience for the complex series of methods that relies on problem-solving one step at a time. Over the years, my clients consistently express the same goals of appetite appeal, approachability, dimension, texture and maintaining the food as hero.”

Kumamoto Oysters – © David Bishop

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ChatterArtists May 2011

With this month’s theme being “Gardens” and connected with the Earth and all things that grow in it, I thought it would be pertinent to show you photographers who specialize in garden photography. It is a small niche of specialists, but a very pleasing one to explore. And because I only know a handful of them, I did a little searching online and found a lot more of them, especially in the U.K. – surprise, surprise – so we also have a couple of photographers from over there as well, representing the ultimate gardening nation! And be sure to check out each of their websites, so you can enjoy and soak in the rich beauty of all the work.

Eric Roth
Based in Massachusetts, photographer Eric Roth has 30 years of experience under his belt and photographs everything to do with homes, gardens, and in particular high-end interiors. His work is bold and beautiful and I loved his portfolio of garden images so much, I was thrilled to include him in this month’s line-up. Eric and his full-service digital studio also offer lifestyle, portrait and advertising photography, so be sure to check out all of his work. We chose this particular image to lead us “up the garden path” (so to speak) and into our world of garden photography this month!

© Eric Roth

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ChatterArtists April 2011 – war – Allison Wright

With this month’s theme being “War” it was a perfect opportunity to show you photographers who are photojournalists. I have so much admiration for the work they do and the images they capture. For instance, many of you may have seen the recent NY Times Blog post “You Might Die Tonight” on the four photojournalists who were captured in Libya.

It is a terrifying read, and yet, not long after their safe return, one of them, and the only woman of the group Lynsey Addario, said she’s sure she will cover another war – “It’s What I Do!” More power to her!

And now for this month’s photographers, ladies first!

Alison Wright

First up is Alison Wright, a photographer I met through my friend Keith Barraclough, and I was very taken with her beautiful, bold work. When she’s not traveling the globe on behalf of National Geographic for example, she spends time working on her non-profit foundation “The Faces of Hope Fund” about which she says, “As a documentary photographer, I regularly travel world-wide and bear witness almost on a daily level to the dire needs and situations of the children of each of these countries. When you hear that over 230,000 were killed in an earthquake, the numbers are almost too much for us to comprehend. But when you look into the eyes of one child, the situation becomes more personal. My aim is to not only bring a face to the place and raise social conscious awareness, but to also see if there’s some financial assistance I can bring to the communities that I’ve worked in that have touched me so deeply.” Another of the projects Alison is involved with is “Ripple Effect Images” whose mission is to raise awareness and funding to help empower women and girls in emerging nations around the world. Ripple Effect’s extraordinary team of journalists includes not only Alison, but also Lynsey Addario (already mentioned in my introduction above) Ami Vitale and Annie Griffiths, to name but a few. Great work ladies!

Afghanistan, © Alison Wright

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ChatterArtists March 2011 – painters/imagination – Richard Bagguley

This month I decided to switch it up and bring you some painters and illustrators instead of photographers. With Pisces being a water sign, they are dreamy space cases living inside of their imaginations – they believe in love and beauty, after all…

Richard Bagguley

Richard Bagguley and I have known each other since we were 14 or 15 years old, when my mother, sister and I moved into the other half of his mother’s cottage following my parents’ divorce. So he is more like a brother to me than just an old friend and we certainly shared some great laughs and wonderful stories in our teenage years! Fast-forward 40+ years and we have an extremely talented artist and muralist. I chose this painting because of the angel, and the association to the spiritual sign of Pisces, who should now be ready to ascend to the heavens, but is torn between the two worlds!

© Richard Bagguley

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ChatterArtists February 2011

Continuing on with this month’s theme of individuality, it won’t come as a surprise that this month’s photographers are showing portraits of “unique” individuals!

David Partner

Starting us out this month is photographer and long-time friend, David Partner. We have known each other for a great many years that began as far back as our teens, but the reason I’m showing this particular portrait this month is because I thought it perfectly represented the idea of “unique individuals.”

Here we have a portrait of Lois Maxwell, the Canadian actress who originated the role of “Miss Moneypenny” in the early James Bond movies, and wouldn’t you know it – she just so happened to be born on Valentine’s Day and was therefore an Aquarius herself! Perfect! This image was part of a retrospective exhibition of David’s photographs held in July of last year at the Rook Lane Chapel & Arts Trust, as part of the 10-year Anniversary of the Frome Festival in Somerset, England.

Lois Maxwell © David Partner

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ChatterArtists January 2011

Continuing on with this month’s theme and in respect for our “elders” I am featuring photographers with images of seniors. This may not always be the primary focus of their photography, but it is a joy to see such beautiful portraits, regardless of the subject’s age. Each one tells a beautiful story. I emailed a number of photographers asking them specifically for images of older people, and I had some wonderful responses. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit them all in this time around, but thank you all for sending them. And another interesting note is that none of the photographers we are featuring this month have been in the bulletin before, so that’s cool.

Shannon Fagan

Shannon shot this beautiful portrait series in 2006 as a personal project alongside a weeklong lifestyle stock photo shoot at a nursing home in Dallas, TX. It also brought him 1st Place in The Photo Review Competition in 2008. He said, “I was able to make friends with many of the residents (as they grew accustomed to my presence in the environment) which led to the personal body of work… beauty portraits of the residents in contrast to what is otherwise considered a negative topic of aging by traditional standards and/or situations of healthcare.”

© Shannon Fagan

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ChatterArtists Holiday 2010

Continuing on with our theme of Sagittarius who loves traveling to far-off places – this month and for the first time, we are featuring travel photographers! Off course, most photographers want to be a travel photographer – who wouldn’t want someone to pay them to travel the world and take pictures?

Jimmy Williams

Starting us off on our travels we have Jimmy Williams, a photographer who has been around for a few years and was an advertising client of mine when I was at the Black Book. Some photographers like Jimmy, may not be known exclusively for their travel work, but often their travel and location imagery has been used for advertising as well as editorial and stock. Jimmy is also a living testament to the fact that you do not have to live in New York or Los Angeles to be successful. Jimmy Williams Productions is a high-class operation based in Raleigh, North Carolina, okay? Not only does Jimmy have standout work, and is clearly a superstar in my mind, he also knows that there’s no “I’ in team. He always has great people around him including Natalie Ogura, his long-time producer!

Tuscany, Italy

© Jimmy Williams

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ChatterArtists August 2010

aaContinuing on with our theme of “humor” this month we are showcasing photographers who shoot surprise, surprise, imagery that is humorous! And by this I don’t mean photographers that shoot a funny image once in a while, I mean these are photographers whose humor is an integral part of their work and is woven either blatantly or subtly throughout their imagery. So go on, have a good chuckle!

Michael Sahadi

First up is a client of mine from Philadelphia, Michael Sahadi. I really enjoyed working with him because he was very keen to refine his imagery down into one single portfolio that reflected his specific style of environmental portraiture, and I think we accomplished that. This is a recent image from him that is a hilarious portrait of two dentists. I cracked up when I saw it, and I loved the subject line he chose for the e-mail promotion, which was,

“Just say ahhhh…”

© Michael Sahadi

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ChatterArtists July 2010 – maternity/family – Koren Reyes

Continuing on with the theme of “family” this month we are showcasing photographers who shoot maternity and family portraiture, with an emphasis on the bond between mother and child.

Koren Reyes

First up is a client of mine from a couple of years ago, photographer Koren Reyes, who has taken the “maternity” genre and primarily (although not exclusively) focused her business on that. You can imagine how wonderful it is for the mothers-to-be to have such beautiful and artistic images to remember their pregnancies by, (especially when the kid reaches the “terrible twos” and is driving her crazy!) and this image is no exception.

© Koren Reyes

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