Steve Giralt – ChatterArtist July 2012

Steve Giralt
Naturally our photographer for this summer month of July Steve Giralt, was born under the sign of Cancer and surprise, surprise, he is a food photographer based here in New York. But besides food, Steve also shoots interiors (i.e. other people’s “homes,” knock, knock) as well as people, and somehow manages to not look like he’s all over the place. Truth of the matter is, he loves to shoot, and as long as it feels right, he’s going to keep on doing what he’s always done, make great images. Not only that, but Steve has a great work ethic, and you can see that his years of hard work are deservedly paying off – he is busy. In the next month he’ll be shooting for Food Network Magazine, Conagra Foods, Victoria’s Secret, Johnston & Murphy, Petrossian Caviar, and Kraft Food and Family magazines. Not bad.

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ChatterArtist June 2012 – Ian Bradshaw

Ian Bradshaw

So this month naturally we are featuring a Gemini photographer, my old pal Ian Bradshaw, born June 8th, which also happens to be the same birthday as Joan Rivers and my assistant Chelsea, how ironic is that? And not only does Ian’s personality fit the Gemini bill, it is also fascinating to see how perfectly suited he is to his chosen profession as well as this month’s theme of communication, because for Ian, it is all about communication, and it is good communication that helps him to get the best shot, or at least that’s what he told me!

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ChatterArtist May 2012

Preston Chaplin

Following on from last month, our ChatterArtist for May is naturally going to be a Taurus, so we’re showing you some work from photographer Preston Chaplin, whom I first met in Atlanta, some years ago now. At that time, he was just starting out and my buddy George Fulton had taken him under his wing. Well, he’s come a long way since then – he relocated to New York, got married and now has two beautiful daughters, and that’s just for starters. Preston was also an early client when I first started Chatterbox, so it is nice to reconnect with him again and to show you his work.

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ChatterArtist April 2012

Steve Lesnick
This month I decided to change things up and instead of featuring photographers who shoot a specific subject or style that relates to our sign of the month, I’m bringing you a photographer who was born under that sign instead. So for April I’m featuring New York-based photographer Steve Lesnick, an Aries born on April 2nd.

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ChatterArtists March 2012

Glen Wexler
I was thrilled when Glen Wexler agreed to be a part of this month’s bulletin, for he certainly is a master of creative and conceptual imagery in the advertising, editorial and fine art worlds. Glen has been shooting commercially for many years now and has won numerous awards. From his website: According to Eric Idle of Monty Python, “Glen is a seven-foot Scotsman with a wooden leg whom I met Frog Rolling on an Eskimo trip in Northern Greenland.” Believe what you will. That’s the point. Glen Wexler’s pictures have taken the viewer deep into make-believe worlds that look real. His signature style of “improbable realities” has earned an international client base and the following of photography collectors.

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ChatterArtists February 2012

So with this month being February, and Mercedes Fashion Week is February 9 – 16, 2012 – naturally I considered showing photographers that shoot fashion, but February is also Black History Month, so I decided instead to highlight some African American photographers, some of whom do shoot fashion, but not necessarily!

George Pitts
What can I say, other than it’s an honor to be including George Pitts in my newsletter? For those of you who may not be aware, George’s impressive resume includes founding Director of Photography at Vibe Magazine followed by Director of Photography for LIFE Magazine, and in 2006 he was honored with the Lucie Award for “Picture Editor of the Year.” He is currently Director of Photographic Practices at Parsons The New School for Design, and I have had the pleasure of reviewing the graduating classes portfolios for the last couple of years. George is also an accomplished photographer, artist and writer himself, known for his portraits and nudes. He is currently working on a book project entitled “Mature Women” for which he is shooting portraits and nudes of women over 35 years of age.

Lorna Simpson
© George Pitts

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ChatterArtists January 2012

So with this month being associated with the sign of Capricorn I decided to show you some photographers who shoot jewelry and timepieces. Last year we showed images of seniors, and the year before we featured architectural shooters, and some of you may recall that 2 years ago we also gave you tips for cleaning jewelry – why? Because Capricorn is Earth and connected to everything that is in it – natural resources, rocks, crystals, minerals and gems.

Also interesting is that most photographers who shoot jewelry also have images of watches in their portfolios as well. This may seem obvious but consider this, the Planet Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is connected with time! And if any of you want to be reminded of those tips for cleaning jewelry, they’re archived in the ChatterTips section under January 2010

John Parrish
First up we have industry veteran John Parrish, represented by Quitze Nelson in Texas. I remember Quitze’s name back when Paul Aresu was one of my clients at Black Book, and she now also handles Atlanta photographer and my buddy Iain Bagwell, who some of you may recall from our “Food” newsletter last summer. Small world. But back to John! It’s always a tough choice when we have to select just one or two images per photographer, but Quitze mentioned that the “colored stones” had been getting a lot of attention lately – so here they are…

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ChatterArtists Holiday 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Sagittarius, our exercising “jock” of the zodiac, we are bringing you photographers who shoot Sports!

Jason Evans

I’ve not met Jason, however he was the “Grand Prize Winner” for the APA NY Photo Contest this year and lucky for me, his delightful winning trio of images is “sports-related.” Having said that, I also encourage you to check out his website as well to see the rest of his work.

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ChatterArtists November 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Scorpio, doctors, researchers and surgeons, we are bringing you photographers who shoot for Healthcare. This work can range from simple portraiture, to documenting actual procedures and treatments, to more “lifestyle” imagery for health insurance, or pharmaceuticals.

Mark Segal

First up is Chicago-based advertising, panoramic & aerial photographer and friend Mark Segal who I’ve known for many years. Mark has literally traveled the world shooting for a variety of advertising, corporate, editorial and healthcare clients, in addition he co-founded the stock library Panoramic Images with his brother Doug, and some of you may recall we featured his company SkyPan International in a previous bulletin. From his website, “He produces images that are vital, powerful and expressive.”

Blue Cross of Maryland Ad Campaign – shot in Miami

© Mark Segal

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ChatterArtists October 2011

So with this month being associated with the sign of Libra, the sign whose symbol is the scales of justice, connected with law, politics, negotiating and mediating – I thought it would be fitting to show you some photographers who specialize in corporate, business and political portraiture.

Bill Cramer
Bill Cramer is an accomplished photographer, specializing in environmental portraiture, who is based near Philadelphia and has been shooting for editorial, advertising, corporate and more for the better part of 20 years now. Bill is also the brains behind and the founder of Wonderful Machine, a boutique web-marketing portal for commercial photographers.

Keith McCoullough, CEO of Hedgeye
© Bill Cramer

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